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Porcelain is the highest grade, non staining and wears well, but may chip, but also very expensive. Acrylic dentures are less expensive, may stain with improper maintenance, and are susceptible to abrasion.

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Q: What are the pros and cons between full sets of either porcelain or acrylic dentures?
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Is a denture mold the same as dentures?

A denture mold is part of the process in making new dentures. dentures are fabricated in stages: A mold or impression is taken of the anatomical structures in the mouth. The denture teeth are set in a wax material that is stable at mouth temperature, this allows the client to see the cosmetics of the denture and the clinician to check the bite. Once the decision has been made that everything is fine, that wax denture is then put into a flask with plaster. Once the plaster has hardened, the flask is placed into hot water which softens the wax, the flask is then opened and all the wax is removed. You then have a mould into which the acrylic can be placed. So the acrylic replaces the wax component and after processing the acrylic becomes hard. So the mold or mould could be either a term for the impression or a term for the flasking stage when you are making a mold or mold into which the acrylic would be placed to make the denture. We also use the term mold or mould in dentistry to describe the particular shape of denture teeth, teeth come in all shapes and sizes. The dentures themselves are the finished article worn by the client. If anyone has any questions on dentures they can email them to me i am a registered dental professional who does the clinical work as well as the laboratory work for denture clients

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porcelainIt is made of either porcelain or an inert metal

A crucible and cover are made of .?

porcelainIt is made of either porcelain or an inert metal

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either is ok

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no you must either lightly sand the surface first or use a pretty good primer for great results.

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Is acrylic hard?

The specific thermoplastic glass is (polymethyl methacrylate). It includes the trademarked product called Plexiglas. It is also included in the mixture used for durable dental crowns. The groups of materials included in "acrylics" (derived from acrylic acid) can be either very hard, or pliable, or any hardness in between, depending on the specific chemical components.

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dentures are they the apt gifts to people in parties?

I would not present dentures to someone as a present in front of everyone. It would be more appropriate to either give them the gift before all the guests arrive or give them a card and note what you got them (and will give to them later).

Which is better for ceiling paint acrylic are latex paint?

Latex paint has Acrylic in it. Some paints have more than others, it affects the drying time. Use either one, it will not affect the finish look.

Is acrylic adhesive water based?

Acrylic adhesives can either be water-based(this is also referred to as emulsion or dispersion) or solvent-based

What are dentures known as image teeth there are different kinds of dentures such as Acrylic plastic what is image teeth and are they worth the money?

AnswerI do not know the difference in Image vs. Acrylic. BUT, I was told by two different dental clinics that the Image dentures are the better of the two.Also, at a dental clinic in North Carolina the price is $270.00 more for the Acrylic full set ($885 vs. $615) . In South Carolina, the price is only $100.00 more for the Acrylic full set ($495 vs. $395).So, a logical answer to the "...are they worth the money" question is, it depend on the amount of the difference!More inputImage is a brand name of the high end acrylic teeth from Lincoln Dental. Generally high end acrylic teeth last longer than economy teeth. You may want to check out the companies claims of longevity.A high end denture made with quality materials and processed with conventional techniques is prefered over economy teeth with a quick cure processed denture.An example of high end acrylic teeth would be the already mentioned Image teeth by Lincoln Dental, Physoden by Vita, portrait by Dentsply, Ivoclar Blue Line by Williams Ivoclar. Processing techniques would be either an Injected Denture or a Packed Denture processed in conventional water bath for 9 hours at 73c. Or the alternative process of 90 minutes at 73c with a 30 minute boil. Anything less usually dramatically decreases the quality of the finished denture. There are faster techniques for processing a finished denture but the quality of the finished product will go down exponentially with the speed of the processing.

What is a dental prosthesis?

It's the science of replacement of missing teeth, or repairing damaged teeth, either with dentures, crowns, bridges or implants.

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Sounds to me like he either has dentures or has has some kind of tooth issue. He has never publicly commented on the issue.

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Garage cabinets can be made out of either wood, metal, plywood. The knobs can be made of porcelain.

Is Porcelain better than Ceramic?

Porcelain is a type of ceramic. There is currently a lot of hype in the designer industry making people think that porcelain is better than ceramic. it is the same product in a pretty strict sense as it is still a fired clay product. if either product is installed correctly you don't have to ever worry about the tile. installed incorrectly is the only time it will crack or break. ceramic or porcelain is tougher than a concrete floor.

What are parial dentures?

Partial dentures fill in the spaces where there are missing teeth and prevent other teeth from changing position. Partial dentures rest on a metal framework that is attached to your natural remaining teeth. Crowns can sometimes be placed on some of you natural teeth and serve as anchors for the denture. Partial dentures offer a removable alternative to bridges.A new denture will not last forever as the mouth and face change shape and the denture will either have to be replaced or realigned.There are different types of dentures depending on the individual need and variations on the structure are made in accordance to your specific requirements.Here treatment to find the best type of denture for you, and we can advise on every aspect of your dental treatment, in the quest to find the most elegant solution to your problem. Full or partial dentures, upper or lower dentures, conventional or immediate dentures, we have the answer to your needs.

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Do porcelain crowns fuse to the teeth better than gold?

Porcelain and gold crowns do not fuse to the teeth. They are attached by either mechanical contact or some glue. As far as i know special cements like the glass ionomer can fuse with the dentin layer.