What are the pros and cons of being an only child?

Being an only child. Here is the lists of pros and cons.


~three words: peace and quiet

~No sharing with other siblings

~More privacy

~Your own bedroom (though some kids with siblings get that benefit)

~100% of your parents attention, undivided love

~No conflicting schedules (your parents don't have to skip your event because of your sibling's)

~No pressure to be as good as or better than your older sibling

~No sibling fights

~You get to see the movies you want

~No disagreements over food

~You get all of the saved up Christmas money (or Hanukkah money)

~individual thinker


~The pressure of being the perfect child

~You get bored... a lot


~You can't borrow their cuter clothes (if they have any)

~You get typecast as a spoiled brat who never learned to share when in reality you are mature, understanding, and caring.

~Overprotection: you get the full on helicopter parent(s)

~Crave a nonsecluded life. We single children crave company and love being surrounded by people that we know.

~No team building skills

~ First hand learning in social interactions