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What are the pros and cons of formal childhood education?


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Honestly, I think homeschooling causes the child to miss out on a lot of things necessary for development. Yes, I understand that the public school system isn't always that great, but there are things that children are exposed to that make them "well-rounded". I'm not saying that every child should try smoking or drinking, I'm just saying there is a stimulation of having other students around that builds a "people person", which is needed to succeed in every career option. If you are worried about your child giving in to "peer pressure", I have one tip, be a friend to your child, talk about things like that as a friend, not an authority, they will be more at ease to talk about it and then they can develop their own ideas and beliefs about these things.


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Pros of going into the early childhood education field include getting to work with young children and always having the ability to find a position. Cons include the low pay and constant educational regulations.

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What are the Pros and cons of expert systems in education?

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There are very few cons, if any, to putting resources into early childhood education. The earlier a child can develop basic reading and writing skills as well as social skills, the more success they will have in their future endeavors.

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Cons: Low pay, high education requirements and unstable job opportunities Pros: Job satisfaction- Librarians LOVE what they do!

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Pros: Longer Life Span, Health Care, Education, Securtiy Cons: Bound to "normal" life, can't do whatever you want to

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