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Pro: they get to come to this country, make more money than they've ever seen, send half of it home and still live well and ignore our laws. They are typically invisible to our legal system and if/when they break our laws the police often cannot find them. Con: they come here, injure or kill our loved ones, hide behind their anonymity and go back to their homeland and pick up another Matricular Consular card from their local cracker jacks box. Some will claim that this is a racist rant, but nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone who wants to come through the front door, go through the difficulty of meeting Immigration regulations and properly seek temporary or permanent status in this country should be congratulate and welcomed. Unfortunately a relatively large percentage of those who come here illegally do so to bring drugs or to otherwise ignore our laws and end up harming innocent citizens. The truth is, we are all immigrants except the American Indians, and now that we have established borders and laws it is important that they both be honored. I have been required to go to Mexico and Colombia as a consultant. Both times their governments required that I show valid documentation, that I notify them where I would be staying and that if I were to move I was to notify them of that as well. In both cases, if I wanted to work I needed to purchase a work visa and pay a large fee. Their laws are well established. If I violated them the law was clear and the punishment would be severe. Why should our laws be any less important?

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