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Two manufacturers of firearms: Smith & Wesson (SWHC) and Ruger (RGR) are publicly traded.

ATK is a large defense company ( which makes many of the most popular ammunition brands you see in stores. ATK is not solely an ammo company per say but they have an ammo branch.

Ammo brands owned by ATK are:

Federal Premium, Alliant Powder, RCBS, CCI, Fusion, Speer Ammo, Speer Bullets, Estate Cartridge and Blazer.

Its no shock that since the tragedy in December in Newtown the stock of this company has climbed over $10 per share from around $62 per share to $72 a share. Is this jump tied to the spike in ammo sales? Hard to say.

Ammo is very hard to find and these companies are running plants 24x7 to keep up with demand.

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Q: What are the publicly traded ammunition companies?
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