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Q: What are the pygmy right whales enemies?
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What is the pygmy owls enemies?

the Pygmy owls enemies are people ..

What are the spinner dolphins enemies?

Spinner dolphins weigh around 90 kg. The only known predators are sharks and orcas. Other possible predators are false killer whales, pygmy killer whales, and pilot whales.

Do whales have enemies?

no whales do not have enemies because there are big mammals

What are the beluga whales enemies?

The beluga whales enemies are polar bears, killer whales and people.They can not In fact they are brother and sisters they do not have any enemies only there predators are there enemies!

Who are killer whales enemies?

The world may not know who is the killer whales enemies.

Are sperm whales enemies of blue whales?

no they are not

Does killer whales have enemies?

Killer whales are very lucky, they have few enemies. Their major enemies are sharks and humans.

Who are enemies to pygmy marmosets?

Mostly birds of prey.

What enemies do humpback whales have?

The enemies of a humpback whales are humans, killer whales (orcas), and sharks. Hope this helped... (bb_sweetlollipop)

What are the enemies of the humpback whale?

Humpback whales have sharks, humans, and orcas (killer whales) as their enemies.

What eats a spinner dolphin?

Sharks, killer whales, pygmy killer whales, and pilot whales eat spinner dolphins.

What are the enemies of whales?

The Japanese.

Are spinner dolphins prey?

i dunno, its dumb because noone can get an answer right! The Spinner Dolphins predators include various sharks such as tigers. There are also killer whales, false killer whales, pygmy killer whales, etc.

What enemies do whales have?

Humans, are whales enemies. Due to there size, no other creatures can harm them as badly as mankind.

What are the blue whales enemies?

A pod of killer whales. sharks

What are penguins enemies?

Penguins' enemies are seals and Orca whales.

How much do female pygmy killer whales weigh?

Female Pygmy Whales Weigh almost as much as males, males weigh 1,000 while the female weighs about 900 Lefronz

Do dolphins have any enemies?

Of course they do, their enemies is whales and shark.

Where do pygmy sperm whales live?

mostly in the rainforest, but they thrive in the amazon

Why are whales and sharks enemies?


Do squid have enemies?

sperm whales

What enemies do sperm whales have?


What are the Enemies of the jewel squid?


What is a blue whales enemies?


Who are Enemies of the nautilus?

sharks and whales