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What are the qualifications to be a CSI?


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You must complete 720 hours of crime scene processing training to be qualified as a crime scene investigator. Of these 720 hours, 40 hours must be in major death investigation, 40 hours in advanced death investigation, 40 hours in "blood splatter investigation and interpretation" and 80 hours must be in latent fingerprint processes. Also, you'll need to be certificed by the International Association for Identification, Crime Scene Certification Board. This crime scene investigator certification must happen within 18 months of completion of your training.

Becoming a crime scene investigator requires you to demonstrate a full knowledge of police investigation techniques, including the search and seizure process as well as the policeman's role in criminal investigations and criminal prosecutions. You'll need to demonstrate all the skills in forensic science, anatomy and chemistry. Crime scene investigators need to know the proper use of chemical used for evidence gathering, as well as the techniques used to make crime scene sketches. Also, you'll want to know the proper light techniques for photographic evidence, including proper lens and camera selection and the effect of distortion.

Crime scene investigators acquire the power of arrest and have the authority to carry weapons, so they must be able to qualify in firearms training, physical fitness exams and defense tactics to become a crime scene investigator. Also, you'll need to be able to operate police vehicles and equipment, as well as the ability to receive, understand and comply with instructions