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It is very difficult to answer, because each department is different here is a general answer Chief- Oversees Department Asst. Chief - Takes over for chief when absent, often times is Incident Commander at major scenes Captain- Head of a Bureau ie. Operations, Investigations Lieutenant- Head of a Division ie. Detectives, Patrol, or watch commander Sergeant- Head of a team of line officers or some special units Officer- Line Members of the Officers

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Q: What are the ranks of a police force and what are their duties?
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What are the ranks of nembers of the Jewish Police Force in Palestine?


What is a police dog?

A police dog is an ordinary dog (owned by the police force) and trained to do specific tasks that aid the police in performing their duties,

Ranks of police?

There are several ranks in a police department. Some of the ranks are officer, sergeant, lieutenant, commissioner, and sheriff.

What are the police ranks from the highest to lowest position?

There are no standard ranks that apply to all police agencies.

Jobs you need to be smart and physically fit for?

Officer in the defence force probably ranks highest. Also police officer and firefighter.

Where does Corporal fall in the ranks of a police force?

Between police officer and Sergeant. The rank is usually indicated by two stripes on the upper sleeve area of the officer's uniform shirt.

What are the ranks in the air force?

Try this

What is Non-Navy ranks?

That would be ranks in the Army or Air Force.

What are the ranks of the us air force for women?

Same as men's ranks.

Why is a police sergeants role important in the police force?

The police sergeants role is similar to that of the military sergeant's role. They are the most senior supervisory official before the so-called 'management' ranks of the department are reached. They are the interface between management and the officers that carry out the daily day-to-day duties of the department, They are empowered to give orders to their subordinates that effect how, and in what manner, the subordinates perform their duties. Given that most sergeants are seasoned and experienced they also serve as mentors, advisors, and counsellors to their officers.

What is the difference between police force and police officer?

The police force is the organisation A police officer is one person in the police force

What is the difference between gendarme and police?

Gendarmes (The Gendarmerie) are a MILITARY unit assigned to do police duties among the general civilian population. The Police are comprised of a strictly CIVILIAN force. The US has no equivelant of the Gendarme system.

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