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Break a Leg - 2005 is rated/received certificates of:

Australia:M (cable rating)



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if you want to break your left leg put a lot of your weight on you leg/ankle and twist it. No... you shouldn't want to break your left leg.

The Ricky Gervais Show - 2010 Leg Rubber 2-10 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-MA

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Heechul broke his leg in a car accident in 2005. He is totally fine now.

There are many ways to break a leg. You can break a leg by falling down the stairs, or by being in a car accident. If you do break your leg, you will need to go to the hospital and have surgery.

its how you land that decides if you break or injure your leg

Either of the tibia and fibula are the easiest to break in the leg.

The duration of Break a Leg - sitcom - is 1800.0 seconds.

"Break a leg" is theatrical slang for "good luck."

"break a leg" is "fractura en una pierna" is spanish.

there is no way to break your leg without having a little pain

There force it takes to break a leg will vary depending on the age of a person. For an adult, a force of about 20 pounds is enough to break a leg.

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No. The jaws are too small to encompass a human's leg to break the bone.

Well hamsters can break there leg if they fall from the cage, or they could hurt it in the wheeL.=)

*break my leg without knowing the subject is difficult to translate.You break my leg - Me rompes la piernaI break my leg - Me rompo la piernaThey break my leg - Me rompen la piernaYou (all) break my leg - Me rompéis la piernaBreak my leg as a command could beRómpeme la pierna - informal túRómpame la pierna - formal Ud.Rompedme la pierna - informal vosotrosRómpanme la pierna - formal Uds.

He broke his foot not his leg.

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