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Credit cards allow you a safe and convenient way to borrow against your line of credit often freeing people from the burden and risk of carry cash on their person (I hate pennies). They allow you to borrow money and spend it in practically any major vendor here and overseas, and allow you to make payments securely over the internet. They also build you line of credit if used responsibly.

Ultimately I think the popularity comes from people's perception that they can spend money without worrying about the consequence until later. American banks now rely to a large degree depend on revenues from credit cards, and aggressively push credit cards in a way that reinforce people's misperception that they can spend without consequence. They often offer you 0% interest for a limited period, making you think that you can borrow as much as you want without interest, but after the limited period their regulations punish any late payment by jacking up interest. (high interest = high profit)

Banks 30 years ago weren't that interested in offering credit cards and they weren't very popular, because Usury laws in almost all states set a max percent on how much interest they can charge limiting the profit that can be made. This changed in the 1978 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Marquette vs. First Omaha Service Corp, it was decided that a state can export its interest cap to another state. So the banks setup shop in high cap states and started offering credit cards knowing that they now can make almost 40% interest compared to the 6% that most states are capped at.

Now Americans are the most heavily in debt people in the world, with an average of 8500 per household at the average interest of 15%! Pretty nice setup for the banks I'd say, so please people spend responsibly.

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Q: What are the reasons behind the credit card popularity?
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Can you buy online with a credit card?

Yes. It is one of the most common reasons people have a credit card.

Can you buy things online with a credit card?

Yes. It is one of the most common reasons people have a credit card.

Can a bank close your credit card if you a behind in your mortgage but up to date on your credit card?

No, they are completely different accounts.

What does it mean when a credit card is declined?

There are multiple reasons why a credit card could be declined. The most common reason is that there were insufficient funds available on the card. Other reasons could be that the store doesn't accept that card, or that there is an alert placed on the card for that type of store.

What Are The Major Credit Cards In The US?

Discover card is a major credit card. Visa is another popular card, as well as Chase cards. Capital One has been gaining popularity throughout the United States.

What does a sky card do?

Many people have a sky card in the world today. Sky cards are like credit cards. They can be used for the same reasons as credit cards or for different reasons too.

Is it safe to use a credit card?

Sometimes, because there are some people hide behind you and steal your credit card when you pay or sometime they disguise as someone else and steal money from your credit card.

Where can I find more information about no credit credit card?

There are many opportunities for low credit/bad credit/no credit credit cards. Especially in this economy people have fallen behind and still need to have their credit card in emergencies. Here is a good website.

How do you locate your three number security code for your credit card?

behind the card next to the signature field

Can credit card companies increase your interest rate on prior purchases with out being late?

Yes. There are several reasons a credit card company can do this. Being late is only one of them. Your credit card agreement spells them out in plain English. You may have to dig into the 3 or 4 page document, but the answers are all there. Most credit cards have a web site you can look up your credit card agreement. They vary from bank to bank, but essentially they have the ability to do this. The credit card reform bill that recently became law has made some of these reasons illegal: like you were late paying OTHER bills. But many reasons for raising rates remain.

What are some reasons college students would need a credit card?

The reasons that some college students would need to get a credit card is because they'll need to pay for their books some how, not to mention their student loans as well.

Which cards are examples of unsecured credit cards for bad credit?

There are many reasons to have a credit card if your credit is fair to poor - having a credit card and using it properly can actually rebuild a credit score that has been damaged. Two popular credit cards for this purpose are the Barclaycard Rewards Mastercard For Average Credit and the Capital One Cash Rewards card.

Why did credit card account number change?

FIA card Services issued new cards for security reasons

Can a teenager under 18 use a parent's credit card if they are authorized to?

They can if its under parental supervision, most places they require the use of identification to prove the you are the person whose name is on the credit card, but if its online all you need it the name expiration date, credit card number and the cvs number located in the back of the credit card for security reasons.

Why would bad credit mean that one could not get a Visa card?

There are many reasons why bad credit would mean that one couldn't get a Visa credit card. The biggest reason why one would have trouble getting a credit card with bad credit would be that one has proven that they cannot pay off their debts in the past.

What are the benefits of becoming an accoutant?


Who can I go to for help when I'm falling behind on my credit card payments?

Talking with the credit card company directly can often help, a loan advisor or credit assistance company like the one found at is also an option.

How do i fix an issue with my credit card being declined?

There has to be a reason for the card to be declined ! Contact the card company and ask them why the card was refused. Common reasons for a card being declined are... Insufficient funds in the bank account, not enough credit balance on the card, or the card is reported lost/stolen.

Does having a credit card benefit your credit?

Yes, very much, provided that you never let your pymnts get behind in which case it can do a lot of damage.

What is the benefit of doing a transfer balance on a credit card?

Doing a balance transfer on a credit card can have a number of benefits. One of the most popular reasons is to diversify one's debt to make it more manageable.

Can a credit card come send you to collections if you are making a payment?

They can do whatever they want if you are behind, but it would be weird for them to pursue collections if you are making REGULAR payments. Call the credit card company and make arrangements.

Can a freeze be put on your checking account when only you are behind in your personal credit card debt?


Does FLORIDA require the heir of a Florida resident's will to pay off the deceased resident's credit card and bank loans?

Because of the high impact in popularity

What would be the best credit card to have?

The best credit card actually depends actually on various reasons, however it would have to be a MasterCard only because it is widely accepted around the world in approximately 210 countries.

How to make a project on survey of the popularity of credit cards issued by different banks?

To create a project that explores credit card popularity with different banks you should look at studies that have been conducted by agencies like the Office of Fair Trading. This agency has already conducted the research, allowing you to extrapolate data and draw your own conclusions.