What are the reasons for choosing orth keratolegy instead of custom lasiks?

Ortho K is a treatment process that never permanently changes the shape of your eye (to correct your vision). You wear hard lenses at night while you sleep which flattens your cornea and allows the light to focus correctly, giving you improved vision. In the morning you take off the contacts and go about your day with improved vision (usually 60/20), but by the end of the day your cornea has lost its flattened shape and your vision no longer improved. So you put the contacts on again at night and start the process over. This is a process that you will need to continue forever (as far as I understand it). LASIK is a "surgical" proceedure that actually changes the shape of your eye permanantly. A lazer or surgical blade cuts a surface layer of your eye which is flapped back, then another lazer is used to reshape your cornea. The flap is replaced and heals almost over night. Your cornea does not scar because it has no scar tissue. So, after this process your eye is permanantly a different shape, which is your corrected vision. Follow-up check ups are needed, but for the most part your eye will retain this shape. As you get older it is natural for the eye to change a bit, but for the most part there won't be significant changes that would require more surgery. So basically, one is permanent, one is not, one is a surgical proceedure, the other is not. Ortho-K also lasts longer, is more affordable and a better option for younger patients than lasik. Yes, you have to continue the 'therapy' longer, but... it's worth it. Most facilities wont see anyone under 22 for lasik surgery, whereas Ortho K can be used in children as young as 9 or 10. It stablizes the cornea similar to the way a RGP lens would... for example, I've seen patients in the same rx in an RGP lens for 30 years. Lasik *might* last 15-20. Since Ortho-K lenses and RGP lenses are basically the same thing... you can safely assume the same results as long as the patient doesnt get lasy with their therapy. Hope that helped! Cindy