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What are the reasons that a dog would eat grass?

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The only reason dogs eat rass is to clean out their digestive system. This is the part when they throw up :D

All sorts of animals will eat grass when they are not feeling good. It will help them to throw up what is upsetting their stomach. Dogs eat grass for the same reasons that people eat salad. They use grass for the fiber.It helps them to pass stool if the are constipated or if they have an upset stomach or just for the differant texture. it will not harm them and it is a good idea to let them eat it. they know what they are doing better than we do.

2009-02-20 16:30:40
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Why do dogs eat grass and is it healthy for a small 6 pound dog?

One of the reasons that a dog will eat grass is because it has an upset stomache but I thinks that it is normal thing for a dog to eat grass. I am not sure if it is healthy for a 6 pound dog but I am pretty sure it's fine. I would ask a veterinarian.

Why do jack Russel terriers eat grass?

There is a couple of reasons why a dog would eat grass. If they have an upset stomach they will eat grass because it usually makes them vomit or aids the digestion. Some dogs will eat grass because they like it and maybe they are trying to gt a little bit of greens in there diet!

Why does your dog eat grass but not food?

Usually dogs eat grass to calm an upset stomach, or if your dog is dappy (like mine) they'll eat grass just for the sake of it. I would recommend that you take your dog to the vet for a check up if your dog still refuses food and eats grass after a couple of days, as there may be an underlying problem. but on the whole its perfectly natural for a dog to eat grass.

Can beagles eat grass?

It is normal for any dog breed to eat grass

Should you let your dog eat grass?

It's okay to let your dog eat grass, but not all the time. You see, grass makes a dog's stomach feel better, but if you let your dog eat alot of grass, it will cause him/her to poop and/or throw up.

Can dog eat cat grass to?

Only if cow can eat horse grass as well.

Should a dog eat weeds and grass?

no. if your dog eats grass, most likely he/she has diarrhea

Why does a dog eat grass and why?

dog eat grass simply because they ate somthing that does not agree with them. The grass makes the dog get sick so they can get rid of what ever was making them feel bad. so dont yell at your dog when they are eating grass because grass is like a tums for dogs.

Can eating wood or grass make a dog sick?

My dog does eat grass, if a dog eats too much grass it will throwup. I am not sure about wood.

Is dog an herbivore?

No a dog will mainly eat meat and when it's sick it will eat grass.

Is it bad for dogs to eat grass?

It is good for a dog to eat grass because it helps their stomach!

What dose a prairie dog eat?


What happens when dogs eat grass?

It is OK for your dog to eat grass. The dog may throw-up but dogs just enjoy the taste and smell.

Why does my dog eat grass?

They eat grass because its like medication to them. or they eat it cause it's like a floss or if they're on their back they do it cause the grass annoys them

Would a mouse eat grass?

Yes, a mouse would eat grass.

Is it healthy for dogs to eat grass?

It is normal for dogs to eat grass from time to time, but usually a dog eats grass if his/her stomach is upset.

What do great daines eat?

dog food but when there stomachs are upset then they eat grass.

Why does a dog eat grass?

The theories are that they like the taste of grass, or they are hungry. There is no evidence to suggest that they eat grass to make themselves vomit. Not all dogs vomit after eating grass. And those that do will often eat their vomit.

Why is your dog eating so much grass then vomiting it up?

dogs eat grass because it contains a lot of water if your dog is eating grass it means they are dehydrated.

Why does your dog eat dirt and grass?

It Helps them digest there food

Does wolves eat grass?

They will eat grass....if you own a dog then you will note the fact that they sometimes eat grass. This is either because they don't feel good or they just want's like ruffage for them.

Is anything that a gray wolf eats an omnivore?

well, with a dog it would eat grass if it had an upset stomach so i would imagine wolves would too.

Does dog eat grass and why?

cause when it has a stomach eak it eats the grass to make its stomach settle down

Why would your dog eat plants?

Dogs eat grass because it helps with their digestion and/or because their stomach is upset and it acts as a doggy version of Pepto-Bismol.

How do you get a dog to vomit?

you get a dog to vomit by making it eat grass or making them eat to much!