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I think that part of the reason that men might want women on the internet is because it's easy. For the same reason women would want men on the internet, they might have something to hide, afraid of commitment, afraid of intimacy, the reasons are endless. But I would have to say that one of the big players is that it's easy to get someone online. The internet allows people to hide, they dont have to be real. How many times have you heard someone talk about meeting someone off the internet, and it turned out that person wasn't actually what they said they were. It's a game. Not to say that sometimes there isn't that "true love" found somewhere.. But I dont believe that is often enough to warrant everyone looking for someone online. It's not personal.. Its not face to face. you cant see them, how they react to things, how they are in life. Its just too easy to play games, and get played.

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Q: What are the reasons that men want women on the internet?
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