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Red spots on goldfish usually indicate the beginning of the formation of ulcers. They were probably caused by flukes (parasitic flatworm) which means you'll have to treat for parasites. The easiest way to eliminate the problem of ulcers is to start the fish on an antibiotic food, add an antiparasitic medication to the tank water, and to raise the salt concentration to 0.3%. The antibiotic food will take care of the ulcers, the antiparasitic will kill off the parasites that are leading to the ulcers- salt will also help kill off the parasites.

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Why do goldfish have red spots on them?

because they are sick dummy

When fish get pregnant does a black spots?

Goldfish do not get pregnant. They are egg layers. Black spots on goldfish have nothing to do with their breeding condition.

What is a goldfish that is white all over and barely gold spots?

Not a goldfish anymore.

I have an ill goldfish with white spots what do I do?

take it out

What happens when goldfish get black spots?

They have cancer

Why are there Red spots on goldfish head?

This is a disease called Ick. Stop it by adding ick-stop available at any pet store.

How do you treat red spots on an ordinary goldfish?

Treat it like any other fish deep fry and dip it in tartar sauce

What are the black spots on your goldfish?

The black or white spots on your tropical or goldfish are called ick it is a sickness for fish you can buy ick medicine from Walmart or your local pet store

What if your goldfish has black spots on its scales?

then it is a rare black-spotted goldfish that is worth many many pounds.

Is the goldfish sick if it has a black spot on the tale?

no, goldfish naturally can have black spots and their colors change over time

Do goldfish have black spots when they grow old?

Some goldfish, depending on the breed, may develop different coloration.

do ghost shrimps have red spots on them?

no they have pink spots on them if the spots are red they are highly poisoness

What are goldfish diseases?

There are diseases such as ich (white spots) which can be treated with salt. They can get to your pet goldfish easily and expert websites will have answers.

Is red mulch poison to goldfish?

if your goldfish lives in you then yes

What does it mean when goldfish get black spots?

It means it has a fugus, grown on fish.

How do you get rid of black spots on goldfish?

It's regalar to have that on a gold fish

What are black spots on a goldfish?

its nothing bad, its just like a birthmark.

What is the white fluff on your goldfish?

There is not usually white fluff on a goldfish but there can be white spots which are a sortof fungus you can treat it with things you get from the pet shop

Are red ryukin goldfish saltwater or freshwater?

All goldfish are freshwater.

What are red itchy spots on body and neck?

Basically, they are red itchy spots

What insects are in red color with black spots?

Ladybugs are red with back spots.

Can red ear sliders live with goldfish without eating them?

No, goldfish should only live with goldfish with a few small exceptions that do not include red ear sliders.

How many red spots are there on Jupiter?

There are two red spots on Jupiter, Great Red Spot and Red Spot Jr.

My goldfish has spot help?

A male goldfish developes white spots when he is about to fertilize the females eggs. It could be possible that you have a male and a female! Congrats!!!

What is a red eye goldfish?

it is a fish with a red eye

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