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The red string is a particular brand of synthetic string which consists of a polyester monofilament core with a polyester coating.


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harp strings are made out of horse hair

Piano strings are made of steel wire.

The strings of a cello is made up depends on what string it is.

there are two types of Badminton Strings, strings made of natural guts material or synthetic material.

C strings are colored red. F strings are colored black or blue.

Harp strings are color coded so that the player can identify what strings to pluck. The C strings are red and the F strings are black, arranged in octaves like a piano.

ham strings is small strings made of ham. you can also find chicken strings and beef strings. they help you eat

No, a washboard is a board made from corrugated metal, no strings.

Violin strings can be made out of a variety of material. Metal strings are very common such as aluminium or steal. Nylon strings are also avalible. Originally, when violins where first invented, the strings where made out of a thread of cats gutt wound very tightly but it is very hard to get cats gutts strings now.

it made out of wood and strings

they use a guitar with strings as opposed to a guitar without a strings and it is red

Strings are made by metals. It is the best carrier.

Originally they were made of gut, now they're usually metal or nylon, it depends on what kind of strings you get

A violin has four strings, E, A, D, G; made from cat gut and wire. The bow does not have strings, its is made of horse hair, normally taken from the tail.

six the only difference is what they are made of normal guitar strings are made of steel but classical guitars have strings with a mixture of plastic also known as nilon and steel

Usually, acoustic guitars have 3 plastic strings whilst electric guitars usually have steel strings.

made out of your heart seriously its true

it was made of wood and guitarlike strings

the strings vibrate and sound is made.

A zither is made of wood and strings which are generally made of steel.

There are guitar strings for nearly every pitch or resonance, and even some made out of horse hair like violin strings.

No, because of the strings weight and length, they are caused to be either high or low. -Red Mist

The StringsThe harp has a set of strings of varying length, tension, and density. My large pedal harp has 47 strings. These strings correspond to the white keys on a piano. The black keys are not represented! (Their sounds are made by changing the pedals.) The strings corresponding to C are colored red, and the Fs are black or blue. All the other strings are white. The harp is tuned by adjusting the tension on each string (using a tuning key that turns a pin going through the neck) until the string's pitch matches the desired pitch.

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