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Life Guards Responding to Distress Signals - 1904 was released on:

USA: 25 April 1904

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Some security guards have- and do- carry guns. Going back to the days of stage coach guards "riding shotgun", bank guards, armored car guards. The security guards at nuclear plants today are armed. SOME security guards are not armed. The answer to your question would be "Maybe".

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The Queen's Guards - 1961 was released on: UK: 17 October 1961 (London) UK: 23 October 1961 Mexico: 8 August 1962 USA: 1963

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You join a Regiment in the British Military that do that. You have the Scottish guards, Irish Guards, Welsh Guards, Grenadier Guards, RAF Regiment 61 Squadren

The royal guards!! DUH!!!!AnswerI assume you refer to the British Royal Guards. For any country, the Royal Guards are the special troops that protect the monoarchy and they may be called the "Palace Guards". For England, the Palace Guards are divided into 5 infantry regiments and two cavalry regiments. The names of these regiments used to guard Buckingham Palace and the other royal residences are:The Grenadier GuardsThe Coldstream GuardsThe Welsch GuardsThe Irish GuardsThe Scots GuardsThe Royal Horse Guards or The Blues and the RoyalsIn Britain the Queen's Life Guard, (cavalry), and Queen's Guard, ( foot guards), protect Buckingham Palace and other royal residences.The Life Guards stand guard at Horse Guards, the official entrance to Buckingham and St James Palace.The Queen's Guard, drawn normally from one of the five regiments of foot guards, stand guard at Buckingham Palace, St James Palace, Clarence House and the Tower of London. Source:

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Irish Guards was created in 1900.

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