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The question is a little vague,but in general ignition is the primary cause of back fire.Timing in older pre computer controlled days was always a first check,computer controlled engines narrow the consideratoins to bad spark plugs,wires ,rotor,cap or some times lack of fuel,these are all dependant on many factors such as when or how it happens ie startup,idling ,reving up no load,underload,deceleratoin ,cold,warm ,hot,not all the time,some of the time,every time.What I am saying is the symptons are the way to the correction.Almost all gas engines function in a similar manner,air, fuel, spark.Certanly mechanical failures are,allways in threr too.

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Why backfire?

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Why do cars backfire?

Cars do backfire because of the mechanical failures.

What is the duration of Backfire film?

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What does a backfire flame arrestor prevent?

Internal combustion engines can backfire. In order to prevent flames from the backfire causing a fire on board, an approved backfire flame arrestor must be attached to the air intake with a flame tight connection.

What causes an exhaust backfire on lt1 camaro?

I think you are hearing pressure pops. Not a backfire.

How do guns backfire?

Guns backfire when there is something blocking the hole in thee end of the barrel

Will a bad timing chain make the engine backfire?

Incorrect Timing Can Cause Backfire.

Why does a rototiller backfire when starting?

A rototiller may backfire when it is starting because the valves need to be adjusted. Another reason that it might backfire is because you have to replace the spark plug.

Can a timing chain backfire and mess up starter on a 1998 surburban?

The chain can not backfire. If it is installed off time it can cause a backfire, which could conceivably damage a starter.

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Can fuel filters and or fuel pump cause backfire?

No, backfire is usually caused by park plug wires that are installed incorrectly or an engine that is out of time. Fuel filter and pump will not cause backfire.

Differece between backfire misfire?

A backfire is when there is firing but it ends up where it started. A misfire is when there is no firing at all.

What is a backfire?

A backfire is an act of firing in the opposite direction to intended, for example, a gun being obstructed in the barrel.

What causes a backfire in a motorcycle?

a backfire is caused by incorrect timing or not enough back pressure in the exhaust pipe

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Unburned fuel in the exhaust system causes the backfire from the exhaust pipe.

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What is making a Lincoln ls 2000 v8 backfire?

what is making my Lincoln ls v8 backfire under the engine

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