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Most foreigners can obtain a Mexican passport if they move to Mexico with an immigrant visa and live there for four years (2 years if married to a Mexican citizen). Then one can apply for Mexican citizenship and passport.

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Q: What are the requirements for a UK citizen to get a Mexican passport?
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Where can a person get passport forms in UK?

If you are a UK citizen - from the Passport Office. If you are a non-UK citizen - from your embassy.

Who can get a UK passport?

To get a UK passport you must be a citizen of the UK.A passport is proof of identity and proof of citizenship. Therefore you can only get a passport for a country if you are a citizen of that country (with very few exceptions).

Can the same-sex married partner of a UK passport holder get a UK passport?

Only UK citizens get UK passports. Is same sex partner a UK citizen? If not, then no. Partner may apply for UK citizen (naturalization) to get one.

Can Us citizen without US passport travel to UK on a UK passport?

If he/she has duel citizenship yes.

You are Korean can you get a UK passport if you marry a UK citizen?

it would depend on if your a U.K. citizen. You could also get a passport for the U.K., if your married to a U.K. citizen, and have lived there for more than 2 years

Do you need a passport for the boat to UK from Ireland?

No, Not if you a Citizen of the UK or Ireland.

How do you become a citizen in the UK?

you either be born in the UK OR passport done in the UK it depends

Do children need passport to go to the channel islands?

If you are a UK citizen travelling from the UK to the Channel islands you do not need a passport.

Can you obtain a passport from a city which is not your native?

Passports aren't issued by cities, they are issued by countries. In order to have a passport, you need to be a citizen of the country you are applying to. So if you are a British citizen, you get a UK passport, if you are a Canadian citizen, you get a Canadian passport. It doesn't matter where you were born, it's what country you are a citizen. If you don't have citizenship then you cannot have a passport. Ex: A Canadian citizen, who is NOT an American citizen cannot have a US passport.

You are a romanian citizen do you need a passport to get in UK?


Can you return to UK on an expired passport?

You can always return to a country of which you are a citizen. Lack of a current passport is only an impediment to travel to countries of which you are not a citizen.

Do you need a passport to travel from the UK to southern Ireland?

not if you are a UK citizen - but some airlines require everyone to have a passport for travel purposes

What is foreign passport holder?

I live in the USA with a Green Card but am a citizen of the UK and a UK Passport holder. I am thus to the USA/US Immigration a foreign passport holder.

Requirements for travel to US from UK?

If you are a British Citizen, you need your UK passport and if you stay within 90 days then you need not a Visa if you are eligible under the Visa waiver program, if otherwise then you need a visa. For US citizens, you need you valid US passport to enter back in the US.

What paperwork does a Ghana citizen need to enter the UK?


What document does US citizen need to visit UK?

A passport.

Can you become a US citizen and retain your UK passport?

Yes, you can.

Does a greek citizen need a passport to enter the UK or is id card sufficient?

A valid passport is required

What passport do English persons use?

A British passport. If they are a UK citizen

If you were born in England but was an Mexican citizen and went to America illegaly will you get deported to Mexico or UK?

It depends on what passport are you carrying when you get caught. Otherwise, they check what is your nationality and send you back to whatever country you are from.

What i need to do to stay with her in UK I am Mexican citizen she is Lithuanian citizen living in uk?

Speak to the British Embassy in your country of residence.

Can a UK and US dual citizen travel on a US Passport Card?

If you are a person with dual nationality and with two passports, one form each country for which you are a citizen, then you can travel using either passport (you only need to use one) - however, if you enter a foreign country using one passport you must use the same passport when leaving the foreign country. You would use your UK passport to enter British territory and your US passport to enter US territory For other teritories, you would select and use the passport which gives you the least visa requirements - and you would be able to call on the services of both the UK and US embasies wherever you were.

Does UK citizen need passport to work in jersey?

only if they are straight

Can I get an English passport with my grandfather being born in wales?

No, you need to be born in the UK or be a child of a citizen of the UK. Im both, born in England, son of a British citizen. You can't get a passport, but you might be able to go to the UK and work for 5 years.

I am a UK citizen. If I fly from norwich international airport to jersey UK do I need a passport?

yes you culd!!