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Work permits are run by states. See the Employment/Age Certificate table linked to the right.

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Q: What are the requirements to get a work permit?
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Can you drive to work with a learners permit in DE?

Your destination is not relevant, you may not drive without the necessity of complying with ALL the requirements of your learners permit.

Is fl permit valid to be renewed to a mass permit?

No. Every permit has different requirements.

What are the work permit requirements for a 13-year-old in Georgia?

Obtain one from the school they attend. There are no specific requirements other than having the parents agree.

How do i get the uk work permit?

To obtain a UK work permit you need to apply for one on the UK work permit website.You can apply for a UK work permit by submitting an application on the UK work permit website.

Do you have to be a US Citizen to be able to get a gun permit?

It depends on the state and the requirements for the permit in that state.

How old do you have to be to work as a bag boy in winn dixie?

Winndixie doesnt have a minimum age requirement. Its determinded by local laws and the requirements to get a work permit in your city.

Where do you get a work permit in Kansas?

where do u get a work permit in kansas

Can you work anywhere with a work permit?

Only in the country which has issued you with the work permit.

If we get the uk work visa then the work permit is also given to us or we need work permit aswell?

If you get the UK work visa then the work permit is not given to US so you need a work permit for US.

What is the requirements permit for fish kids?

Berna Imperial

If you don't have a permit to work what happens?

If a job requires a work permit, then you cannot work there.

What does furnish a work permit mean?

To furnish a work permit you must, visit your school counselor and ask for a work permit. Your counselor will help you. The permit will need to be signed by both school and work. The work will then file it.

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