What are the requirements to join the navy?

To join the US Navy....

*You must be no older than 34 but at least 17 years old. If you are not yet 18, you must have parental consent.

*You must be a U.S. citizen.

*If you are a single parent, please contact a recruiter for details on how you can enlist in the Navy.
*Also, the Navy will normally not allow you to enlist if you have more than two dependents under the age of 18. Need more details? Contact a recruiter.

*In certain cases, you must prove that you can meet your current financial obligations.

*Generally speaking, you must be a high school graduate, have earned a GED or have met other high school equivalency requirements to enlist in the Navy. For specific qualifying circumstances, contact a recruiter. They are also starting not to accept GED's.

*The Navy has a zero tolerance drug/alcohol policy. Early in the enlistment process, you will take two urinalysis tests. You'll also be asked questions about prior drug and alcohol use. Answer honestly. If you have questions, contact a recruiter. It really doesn't matter that much if you are honest and say that you tried weed once because of peer pressure but if you did it a lot then they may not let you join.

*The Navy also applies medical, legal and character standards to your application, including traffic offense history, criminal history, citizenship status and more. For more information, contact a recruiter.

*If you have offensive tattoos they may require you to get them redone so they are not so. You have to be within weight standards. Be able to do a decent amount of push ups and sit ups and be able to run a mile and a half. Don't worry if you can't do enough to meet the navy standards, your reqruiter will get you there before you join.