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What are the responsibilities of an air hostess?


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to be good customer services by answering customer needs ,solve there problems ,be good listener also she should have ability to work under pressure

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An air hostess is an alternative name for a female flight attendant.

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An air host is a male, while an air hostess is a female.

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The salary of an air hostess varies from place to place. There is not a set number that air hostess's receive.

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It depends on the airline - but dark blue is popular There isint any specific color of the air hostess uniform but it varies from airline to airline as they all have their specifics colors for the air hostess dresses.

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An air hostess can become a supervisor. She can also go into another segment of the airlines, like reservations or management. She could train other air hostesses as well.

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The average salary that an air hostess can get paid in South Africa is 28,809 ZAR. This is equivalent to 2,693. 20 US dollars.

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