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Q: What are the restrictions on animal testing?
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How many countries allow animal testing?

animal testing can be carried out in most countries of the world with more or less restrictions on cruelty.also depends on what it is

Why animal testing is good?

Animal testing is not good.

Is animal testing okay?

animal testing is NOT okay

Why animal testing is right?

Animal testing isn't right.

What is the difference of abuse testing and animal testing?

Animal testing you need it, if not they would test humans,

When did animal testing began?

Animal testing began in the 17th Century.

Who are the stakeholders against animal testing?

people who are against animal testing.

Is hunting just as bad as animal testing?

no it is not as bad then animal testing

Where can you find animal testing graphs?

Animal testing graphs on how many die and get injured go to ..... not graphs but figure which will help....

What can you do to stop animal testing?

You can stop animal testing by buying NON animal tested products...

What is a clever title for animal testing?

testing testing 123

What are the religious views on animal testing?

Google it... UMAD BRO?

Is some animal testing required by law?

No. There is no legal requirement for animal testing.

Is there animal testing in Australia?

Yes, animal testing is around the whole world !

One alternative to animal testing is Chorioallantoic Membrane Testing but how expensive is that compared to animal testing?

SUPER EXPTREMLY EXPENSIVE animal testing is the cheapest and most efficiant way

What happens to animals in animal testing?

well if the testing is from animal haters the animal will die but if they are good it will live......

Good points about animal testing?

there is nothing good about animal testing, you heartless bafoon

Is aniaml testing illegal?

Animal testing sould be illegal because it is harming the animal.

Which animal is mostly used for testing?

mice or rats are mostly used in animal testing

Who invented animal testing?

The person who started animal testing was a man by the name of Galen.

Are dogs used for animal testing?

Some dogs are used for animal testing. yes

Are cows used for animal testing?

Yes alot of cows are used for animal testing!

What r the cons of animal testing?

the cons of animal testing r- costs bunches of $$$

Is testing on animal cells considered animal testing?

It is a slightly grey area, but generally no.

What animals are extint because of of animal testing?

Extinct because of animal testing? None.