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To get a legal guardian, a family to live with and to be supported by his parents. Being abandoned does not mean you are on your own or emancipated or that a judge will emancipate you.

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Q: What are the rights of a minor that is abandon?
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What are the forms you have to sign to sign your rights over in Florida?

If you are referring to parental rights - there is NO way that you can legally abandon your rights OR your responsibilitiesas a parent.

Does a minor have human rights?


What rights does a minor mother have over their child?

A teen mom, a minor mom, have rights to decide everything regarding her child.

Legal rights of a pregnant minor in North Carolina I'm 15 and hes 18.?

He is guilty of statutory rape. The minor has very little rights since they are a minor.

When a minor is arrested do they have to be read their Miranda rights?

should miranda rights be read to a minor in the present of an adult

If you are a minor in WI can you sign over all parental rights and no tpay child support?

Yes, a minor can sign over all parental rights in the state of Wisconsin. The minor will no longer have to pay child support after the rights have been signed away.

If a minor girl gets pregnant by a minor boy does the boy or his parents have any rights to the child?

yes they have the same rights as any "father" would.

What is the position of a contract with minor in Pakistan?

an agreement with minor is not creat any legal rights and duties

Make a Sentence with abandon?

Do not abandon your children. Do not abandon your dogs. Do not abandon me.

If a father has abandon a child how do you take his rights away?

Why do you need to, unless you are a gatekeeper and that's why he's not around.

How does emancipation affect juvenile rights?

Emancipation gives the legal rights of adulthood to the emancipated minor.

How much rights do your parents have over you when you are 17 and live in the state of missiouri?

Just as much rights they had over you when you were 14. The law makes no difference between minor and minor.

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