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Neptunes rings are made up out of gas.

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What are Neptune rings made out of?


Does Neptune have rings if so what are they made from?

the rings of neptunes 13 moons are made of iron

What are Neptune's rings made of and how many are there?

Neptune has 13 rings and they are made up of dust particles

Is Neptune made mostly of gas or rock?

Neptune is mostly made of gas. Also, Neptune has rings and clouds. BY: jill the queen of awesome

What is Uranus' rings made of?

The planet Uranus does not have any rings. Only Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune have rings around them and those rings are made up of gases.

When was Rings of Neptune created?

Rings of Neptune was created in 1989.

Does Neptune have invisible rings?

Yes Neptune rings are not invisible though just harder to see because Neptune does not have many rings.

Does Neptune have moons or rings?

As of June 2014, 14 moons have been found orbiting Neptune. The planet also has thin, unstable rings that are made if dust.

Why does Neptune haven't got rings?

surprisingly, Neptune has 7 rings.

Are there Rings on Jupiter Uranus Neptune?

Yes, there are rings on Jupiter and Neptune, and sideways rings on Uranus.

What are the rings of some planets made of?

The four gas giants, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, have rings. The rings are made up of dust paricles and ice.

Does Neptune have vertical rings?

Yes, Neptune does in fact have vertical rings. There are actually six vertical rings surrounding Neptune and they are of different sizes.

Which of the planets have rings around them and what are the rings?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune have rings and they are thought to be made up of dust and water ice.

What are the names of Neptune's 13 rings?

Neptune does not have 13 rings. Neptune has 13 moons and 5 rings.

Does Neptune have any moons or rings?

Neptune has 13 moons and 5 rings.

How many moons and rings does it have Neptune?

Neptune has 13 moons. And 5 rings.

Does Neptune have rings?

Neptune has 6 rings in all, and 3 main ones. So, 3 faint rings, and 3 main rings.

How many rings does Neptune have in total?

Neptune has six rings, but they are really hard to see.

How many rings does Triton have?

Triton does not have any rings. It is a moon of the planet Neptune. Triton revolves around Neptune the other direction it suppose to. Neptune has rings, incomplete rings that is called ring archs.

Why does Neptune have rings?

It has 5 beautiful rings

Which planet has rings but not as famous as Saturn?

Jupiter, uranus and neptune all have rings which are made of rock and dust. none of them have as many rings as Saturn though.

What are the 3 planets have rings made of millions of chunks of rocks and ice?

Uranus, Saturn and Neptune (has really faint rings)

How many rings does Neptune have circling it?

neptune doesnt have rings, saturn however does, and i believe its 7.

How did Neptune get its rings?

Neptune has five main red colored rings. Neptune got its rings when one of its inner moons orbited too close to the planet and was destroyed by gravity.

How many ring does Neptune have?

neptune has 11 rings

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