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the risk factors of Asthma when playing sport are mainly that you could pass out or have a severe asthma attack. my advice is to have your ventalation or puffa with you at all times when you are playing sport.

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โˆ™ 2007-10-10 01:40:52
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Q: What are the risk factors of asthma and playing sports?
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What are the predisposing risk factors for Asthma?

diet level of involvement in sports exposure to parasites

What are uncontrollable risk factors for asthma?

Inflammation & allergies

What factors increase the risk of developing asthma?

If a close relative has asthma,hayfever or ezcema you could suffer from asthma

What are the uncontrollable risk factors for asthma?

Genetic s pollution air you breath

Will you get asthma if one of your family members smoke?

NoI DISAGREE:This is one of the risk factors

What are some risk factors when you have asthma?

There are many risk factors which can trigger an asthma attack. Chest infection, air pollution, smog, high pollen count in spring, smoking and emotional outbursts can all trigger an attack.

How long does a cat with asthma live?

A cat with asthma should be closely monitored to prevent avoidable risk factors. The length of a life lived by a cat with asthma can not be predicted.

Chances of getting asthma?

Asthma is an inflammatory disease which includes the lungs. There are many risk factors associated with having asthma, which include genetics, other health conditions, and obesity.

What are the risks of playing sport in Alaska?

Freezing to death(risk of playing inside sports Dying faster and colder than freezing to death(Risk of playing outdoor sports.)

What are controllable risk factors for asthma?

Controllable risk factors for asthma include those factors over which the victim has some influence regarding exposure. they include:dietlevel of involvement in sportexposure to parasitesTo some degree, certain environmental factors are controllable. People with a predisposition to asthma brought on specifically by pollution, dust, pollens or extremes of temperature may or may not have the choice to move away from these environmental influences. However, if their asthma is triggered easily by any of these factors, there is nowhere one could move away from all triggers.

A definition of Intrinsic risk factors with sports injuries?

arrow to the knee

What is the risk when taking asthma medicine when you don't have asthma?


Any risk to live together with asthma suffering person?

No. The only risk you might have is the risk of not getting much sleep. Asthma is not contagious. It is a generic disease.

Is air pollution the only cause of asthma?

No. Both genetic and environmental risk factors come into play. See related link.

Risk factors that contribute to sports injuries for the male gender?

Beer, McDonalds, smoking...stupidity and pride

What are the risk of having asthma?

if you already have asthma you should stay away from dust perfume and you shouldn't run that much because your asthma can get worse for you.

What are some risk factors of lupus?

Risk factors for getting the disease or risk factors if you already have the disease?

What is independent and dependent risk factors of the disease?

Statistically: Dependent risk factors require other risk factors to reach statistical significance Independent risk factors are still statistically significant when adjusted for known risk factors

Who is most at risk to getting asthma?

the people that are most at risk of getting asthma are people who are mostly obese, if their family has had asthma it may have been passed on, people who smoke, and people who have a hard time breathing. hope i answered yah question

Can 13 year olds die from asthma?

Yes 13 year olds can die from Asthma. There is a risk of anyone who has asthma dying at any age. All it takes is a serious asthma attack.

What are the risk factors for the lung?

The following are risk factors for COPD:

Our attitudes are our best defense collision risk factors risk defensee?

Collision-Risk Factors

Your attitudes are your best defense or collisio-risk factors or risk defense?

Risk Factors

What are some extrinsic risk factors in sport?

Extrinsic Risk factors are things that are not caused by your own body i.e The rain didnt give you muscular imbalance. Extrinsic factors are things like playing Football in the rain and slipping and hurting yourself.

What are the risk factors for lung disease?

The following are risk factors for COPD: