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Some of the risks of sleeping in a bivy tents are: Bears, lions, and snakes and the like. Humans have a smell to animals and then is the discarded food. These things can be very appealing in terms of attracting the wild animals.

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Q: What are the risks of sleeping in a bivy tent?
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What is a bivy?

A bivy is a bivouac sack - a waterproof fabric shell designed to slip over a sleeping bag.

How many thousands of guitar picks could you stuff into a top of the line bivy sack or sleeping bag and how much would it then weigh?

You could stuff lots of guitar into a top of the line bivy sack or the sleeping bag.

Waterproof layer spread under a sleeping bag in a tent?

Waterproof layer spread under a sleeping bag in a tent?

Does stomach sleeping have any risks?


What do you call sleeping in a tent?

i call it camping... 0_o

What might you be afraid of while sleeping in a tent?

Bears, bugs, and rain.

What are the advantages of sleeping in a caravan rather than a tent?

There are several advantages of sleeping in a caravan rather than a tent. Some of these include: one is safely out of the range of bugs, it is more comfortable, and it takes less work than setting up a tent.

What are the health risks when sleeping in a bed?

The health risks of sleeping in a bed include bedbegs and bad posture due to your sleeping position. The bad posture from sleeping can result in back pain and general body pain for the rest of your life.

What age can a child sleep in a tent?

There are many ages that a child can sleep in a tent. Typically, it is recommended that children under the age of five refrain from sleeping in a tent until they are older.

What is one of the ten essentials for camping?

A tent Sleeping bag Torch Food

How much do tent trailers usually cost?

Lightweight tent trailers are relatively inexpensive, yet offer lots of sleeping The lightweight tent trailer is relatively inexpensive, yet offer lots of sleeping capacity: usually Prices for folding camping trailers can range from $3000 to $15,000

What is the most common form of shelter used on a mountain?

tent, igloo, sleeping bag orlean-to

What is every thing you need to go camping?

tent,sleeping bag,bbq,warm clothes

What are some good sleeping bags for camping?

Some good sleeping bags for camping are Coleman sleeping bags which are very good for outdoor use such as on grass and indoor use as well such as in a tent.

How do men need to survive in a desert?

You need water, food, wood, compos, tent and a sleeping bag.

What you sleep in when you go camping?

Why Good ol sleeping bags of course! and if you mean inside, its a tent of course!

What do you sleep in a bed in Antarctica?

Your bed could be in a dorm, in a tent, or in a lean-to, depending on where you are on the continent and why you're sleeping.

What are some of the supplies a soldier need with them at war?

Flak jacket, helmet, Alice pack, e-tool (shovel) H harness, canteen extra magazine, tent stakes & tent roll, sleeping bag, rifle rounds, c-rats (food) sleeping bag.

Can you sleep in the living area of a tent?

yes you can my mum has done it before its just like sleeping in one of the bedrooms ..

What would a camper do while camping but not at home?

Sleep in a tent with a sleeping bag, cook over a fire, and live outdoors.

What health risks do people and animals in different climate regions of Africa face?

Sleeping Sickness and Malaria

Where to put a shelter when camping?

Regardless of what you are sleeping in it needs to be on a piece of high ground. I have set up tents in camp before and found them to be in a low spot only after the rain came and flooded the tent. Look at the area closely. If you are in a tent and sleeping on the ground, police the area (clean it of twigs and rocks) before you set up the tent. Once you have set up the tent you are committed to that area for the night unless you want to move the tent in the dark. Even the smallest pebble or twig or root will feel like a buick under you when you sleep. Keep the tent away from the fire pit. Ashes can and will burn holes through the tent. If you can see the stars through the burn holes then you can feel the rain too. Do not pitch the tent in a highly used path that is used by people or animals. Do not pitch the tent too close to the latrine area.

Is OK to put 1 big tent and 1 small tent inside when is cold weather?

I highly believe in improvising. Sleeping on a cot, up off the ground makes a big difference as well. Also place a tarp between two trees separating your tent from the wind.

Name a good gift for the Outdoors type?

Fishing Rod tent Backpack clothing sleeping bag boots knife lantern

What are the Risks of Diclectin?

Some of the risks of Diclectin are dizziness, difficulty in sleeping, trouble with urinary flow, pounding heartbeat and tiredness. Dicletin is commonly recommended to people to treat sickness and vomiting of pregnancy.