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Q: What are the roles of native American children?
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Related questions

What were the roles of southwest native American men women and children?

to whnt and start fires

Did the children have roles plains?

The roles really were defined the children did what their parents did they needed to follow the religion like plains native American children they weren't the girls weren't allowed to hunt the boys were only allowed

What did Native American children do?

the native american children did not go to school ,they tought the dogs to hunt

What was Native American family life like back then?

The Native American family lived in close communities with other families. They had specific gender roles. The males hunted and offered protection. The women raised the children, raised gardens, and took care of the village.

What did the native American children at mission san juan capistrano?

what did native American children do at mission san juan capistrano

What supporters of assimilation attempt to teach Native American children?

the nineteenth century supposrters of assimilation attempted to teach native american children the european-american ways

What did they do with the native American children?

they played tag

What where the native American children jobs?


What are facts about the Native American Geronimo Stilton?

Geronimo Stilton is the name of a children's book character - he is a mouse, not a Native American.

What did the native American children do at missions?

The Native American kids went to Spanish school in the Church room where they learned the Spanish Ways of life.

What did Native American children learn?

Native Americans still exist and their children go to public Schools or Indian Residential Schools. They learn all of the same subjects in school that Non Native children learn, plus some extra Native American History classes that Non Natives don't study unless they take it as an elective.

What did the Native Americans do in the American Revolutionary?

Native Americans played roles on both sides of the American Revolution. Some tribes decided to side with the British forces against the American revolutionaries. Others, did opposite and allied themselves with the Continental Army in the fight for American independence.

How did the native American children get water and prepare food?

they hunt for it

Children born to Spanish and Native American parents?


What did native american children do for fun?

they like to play lacrosse

What is Native American translation for cat?

The native translation for the word cat is "mosi." The native Indians kept cats as pets for their children.

What were Native American gender roles?

well the women would cook the food for the tribe members and made dolls for their children. and the men went hunting and taught the boys how to hunt by getting "darts" and throwing them through a moving hoop.

Why were native American not allowed to vote?

Based upon the roles as defined by treaties, the relationship between the Federal Government and Native American tribes was 'ward' like in nature. As demonstrated by the Trial of Standing Bear in 1879, a Native American could declare their emancipation thereby forfeiting other tribal rights.

What roles did the Iroquois children have?

what roles did iroquois children have

What is Indian-ness?

The term Indian-ness is a term used to describe the Native American Identity. Since the forced Christianization of Native American children throughout the centuries Native American Indians have struggled with their identity and to keep their culture alive.

What do Native American children play?

Today, they play and do things just like any other children.

What was one strategy the US government widely employed to assimilate American Indians after their forced relocation?

Enrolling Native children in boarding schools

Was part of the assimilation attempt by the US. Government?

Native American children were forced into American boarding schools.

What was part of the assimilation attempt by the US government?

Native American children were forced into American boarding schools.

What were the roles of Native American men women and children?

As a general rule the roles were: Men - ran 'government' did all hunting and most fishing. As a general term they carried out most 'manly' duties.. Women (at least in some tribes) owned all property and did the mundain tasks; gathering and cleaning of animals taken in the hunt. Old people who could not do these things anymore were in charge of the children. This allowed them to learn from the wise for the roles they would fulfill later.