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What are the romantic music of the Philippine?

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You can play Philippine music at a party or you can dance to Philippine music at a party.

comparison of japanese ato philippine music

The Philippine music is a big part of the Philippine Culture. Like any other country, the local music is one of the unique things that set Philippine culture from others. From the local musical instruments and folk songs, the Philippine music carries the heart of Philippine arts and also Philippine History.

why did people play romantic music

the romantic period for music, was around 1815 to 1910 :)

The importance of philippine music is that you can develop your beautiful voice as a filipino.

Romantic music is created to portray expression and emotion.

Philippine music is made up of many different musical styles and types.

sounds like somebody's homework. Indonesian music: gamelan, Philippine music: non-gamelan. Indonesian local music: "keroncong", "dangdut", "poco-poco", Philippine music: none of the above.

romantic music has more emotion in it than classical music

The term Romantic refers to the period of "classical" music from about 1810-1910.

Of course! often, country music is very romantic.

Romantic Rhythms Music Festival was created in 2008.

Romantic music uses a lot of orchestral instruments and piano.

Claude Debussy wrote romantic music, that was called impressionist music. He was right in the middle of the change from romantic music and modern music

One can find romantic music at a website called Youtube. The website called Live365 also provides romantic music over the internet using radio services.

Romantic music is more on emotional attachment , unlike modern music more on loud and a hard feeling sound....

the visayan is the famous great music in the philippine

Francisca Reyes Aquino has written: 'Fundamental dance steps and music' -- subject(s): Folk dance music, Philippine Folk dancing 'Philippine folk dances' -- subject(s): Dance, Folk dance music, Philippine Folk dance music, Philippine Folk dancing

he wrote classical or romantic music

chivaree (a romantic music)

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