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If a dbms follows more than 7 codes rules than it become follows 10 rules which is considered as ideal rdbms exist till now which follows all the 12 codes rules.

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Q: What are the rules for dbms to become rdbms?
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When dbms becomes rdbms?

A DBMS becomes an RDBMS when the data contained in its tables are related to one another by referential integrity rules. DBMS - Database Management System RDBMS - Relational Database Management System

What are advantages of rdbms over dbms?

advantage of rdbms over dbms



How does a DBMS differ from RDBMS?

A database is to store data efficiently. DBMS is Database management system and RDBMS is Relational database management system which gives relation between every table. It (RDBMS) also follows codds rules.

Is Microsoft sql server dbms or rdbms?


Difference between dbms and rdbms?

dbms is support normalization process.. rdbms support does not support normalization process

Dbms and rdbms?

DBMS and RDBMS both are used for storing data. DBMS is the database management system that refers to the collection of interrelated data. RDBMS define relation between the tables in the database

What are the advantages of rdbms over dbms?

The main advantage of an RDBMS is that it checks for referential integrity

What is the major difference between rdbms and dbms?

The 'r'

What are the types of DBMS?

RDBMS,network,hirasrchy etc

Examples for dbms and rdbms?

My sql, Microsoft sql , Microsoft Access, dBase, Filemaker pro are the examples for dbms and oracle and sql server are the examples for rdbms

What are the different database available in industry?

There are 2 types of database which are DBMS and RDBMS. DBMS stands for Data Babe Management System and RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System. DBMS - eg. MS Access , RDBMS - eg. Oracle, My SQL By, Nikita Ghag

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