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The rules of the card game of bridge depend on the number of bridge players and the particular game of bridge they are playing, and as always there is the one who makes their own rules as they go, just saying.

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Bridge is a card game. It's proper name is Contract Bridge.

A card used in the playing of a game of "bridge".

Bridge is a card game and is played using 52 playing cards. In bridge, the deuce is the lowest card in the suit and the ace is the highest card in the suit. The aim of the game is to win as many tricks as possible.

I have a copy of the rules and a mint edition of the game

No, it is not. Bridge can be a noun (structure, or card game) and a verb (to cross, or connect, as with a bridge).

Whist is a rummy game similar to Bridge.

It's a type of gambling card game.

· Auction Bridge · Authors Apples to Apples is technically a card game

The rules are available for a nominal service fee at Don's Game Closet.

Uno is a fairly simple card game. For instructions, click on the related link.

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Love Thy Neighbor ... is a combination Dice/Card Game that is rooted in Post-War Baltimore , Md. Would you like the Rules ?

There are lots of card games that involve tricks and trumps, including (contract) bridge, spades, euchre etc. (In bridge you can bid 'no trump'.)

Snap, bridge games use probability.

Apples to Apples; Axis & Allies; and Attack! are board games. Auction Bridge is a card game.

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A medieval game to which the rules have been lost, but it is thought to be an early card game.

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To tell which card in the deck is the highest, you have to know which card game is being played. In bridge and many other games, the ace of spades is the highest card. In other games either the king or the ace can be the highest card in a suit. The highest suit will also vary according to the rules of the individual game. Some games have all four suits equal, no suit higher than another. In that case there is no highest card.

This is a card game known as Ombre. It is one of the earliest card games known in Europe and has very complicated rules.

The rules for playing the card game Euchre can be found on many different sites. The most common type of Euchre is the 24-card version and the rules can be found on Boardgames and Euchre Links.

chance cards you have to make them if you are make a game you always are suppost to use them in every game

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