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Lava flows.

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18 The most prominent features of a narrow V-shaped valley where the stream profile drops rapidly are

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The ability of a stream to erode and transport material depends largely on its

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Q: What are the seas on the moons surface?
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What do you call the moons crater's?


Does Saturn have any seas?

Saturn is a gas giant, and has no surface on which oceans could form. On some of its frigid moons, notably Titan, there may be seas filled with liquefied hydrocarbon gases such as ethane.

What is a cause of the tides in the seas?

the moons gravity.

Is there a hole in the moon's surface?

the holes in the moons surface are where astroids hit the moons surface

What is the dark areas on moons surface called?

The Lunar plains are referred to as Maria (Latin for seas .) because ancient observers thought them to be water like Earth's own oceans .

How are the moons seen from the surface of Jupiter?

You would not be able to see the moons from the surface; Jupiter's atmosphere is too thick.

What is the earth's moons surface like?

The moons surface is covered with regolith. There are 2 main kinds of surface; maria and highlands. There are lots of craters and dust. the moons sky is always has no air or water

What is a sea on the moon?

the dark patches on the moons surface r called seas, but theyre not really seas at all. they were formed 3 billion years ago when lava from inside the moon and flowed into the the craters and then solidified. the craters were foamed from asteroids colliding with the moon.

What created the moons surface?


How did the invention of the telescope contribute to your knowledge of the moons surface?

the invention helps people see the crators and the maria on the moons surface

WHO are Neptune's moons named after?

The planet is named after the Roman god of freshwater and the seas and its moons are named after water deities in Greek mythology.

Does Mercury surface has many craters?

Yes it is similar to the moons surface

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