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What are the seasons in the US?

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Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall

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How many seasons does US has?

There are 4 seasons.. everywhere.

How many seasons are there in us?

how many seasons are there in the united states

When are the seasons in the US?

Every country in temperate cilmates has four seasons.

How does earth's orbit affect us?

Earth's orbit gives us our seasons (when combined with the tilt of the earth).It determines our seasons.

How many seasons does the US have?


How does the seasons affect us?


Are the seasons in the US the same as in Britain?

It's the same four seasons, but timed differently.

How many seasons does Louisiana have?

They have four seasons like the rest of us. But much warmer

What are differences between the Egyptian seasons and the standard seasons in much of the US today?


How many seasons in a year in us?

Astronomically speaking there are four seasons in all countries

What gives us your four seasons?


What does the tilt of the earth give us?


What months are the seasons in the US?

feb and march

A tilted axis causes us to have?


What is it about the earth that gives us seasons?


Are the seasons the same in china as the US?


Does Germany ever have 4 seasons?

Yes, once a year they have 4 seasons, just like in the US.

What seasons do tornadoes occurs in the US?

Tornadoes occur in the U.S. in all seasons, but they are most common in the spring.

When it is midwinter at the north polewhat is the seasons in the US?


What are the US seasons like?

The US is a large country, and what the seasons are like varies quite a bit depending on what part you're talking about. You'll need to be more specific.

When its summer in America what weather is in Europe?

The seasons are the same in the US and Europe, the seasons change when you go north or south of the equator, eg summer in the US is winter in Chile.

When it is winter in France what is it in the US?

US and France are both on the Northern hemisphere, so they have the seasons.

Why do we have different' seasons?

as the earth spins on its axis once every 365 days a year this gives us are seasons

What are two adjectives that describe the US climate?

four seasons

Why do you need seasons?

We need season to help us with our planets