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An abcess is a serious dental problem, that needs to be professionaly treated, right away. If it is NOT treated, you may develop a serious blood stream infection, that may lead to permanent dmage to your heart, your brain and your eyes. A systemic blood infection may even lead to death, if un-treated. Treatment will include a 7 to 14 day course of multi spectrum anti biotics, to kill the infection and reduce the swelling at the site of the infection, followed by x-rays of the site, to establish the extent of the involvement, in other words, what teeth are affected by this disease. Finally, oral surgery will be done to remove the affected tooth, or teeth, and possibly some jaw bone that had become infected as well. Replacement tooth or teeth will be in order, a few weeks after the surgery swelling goes down. A further course of anti- biotics, after the surgery will also be ordered. Do not delay treatment of this serious condition. Jim Bunting. Toronto.

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Q: What are the side affects of an absessed tooth?
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Are severe headaches high blood pressure body numbness and even seizures side effects of an untreated absessed tooth?

It is obvious by your question that this tooth has been absessed for some time. If you have never had these symptoms before, they could or could not be related this is why you should firstly make an apt. with your doctor. This is not normal. Secondly make an apt. with your dentist and have your tooth treated.

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Can an absessed tooth cause other infections like to bone or heart?

can the absess travel to other parts of the body once the tooth has been removed

Does an abscessed tooth really have to be pulled?

No. Generally speaking an absessed tooth can be saved by antibiotic therapy and root canal therapy together. There are times when a tooth cannot be saved though- when not enough tooth structure is left to support a crown or "cap", or when a root is actually fractured. Sometimes an absessed tooth is caused from a periodontal problem or in other words, a gum problem. This requires antibiotics and debridement or "deep cleaning" - or surgery.

How serious is an abscessed tooth that affects the sinuses causing your face along the side of your nose to swell?

How SERIOUS is it? Come on, now. If someone tells you here that its not serious, what will that do for you? You have an absessed tooth. And it sounds like the infection is spreading to your sinuses. Don't screw around with this. Make a dental appointment. Or if money is an issue, contact a dental school to see if you can get low-cost or no-cost treatment. ~ T

What causes an absessed tooth?

Abscessed tooth only happens for three reasons; when teeth are damaged such as an untreated cavity, a person brushed their teeth properly, and lastly the gum diseases. Those are the three causes to an abscessed tooth.

Do I have an absessed tooth I have a horrible taste in mouth when the blister pops.?

yes you do and be very catious , because the blistering will eventually cause a infection, which will eventually cause a swollen cheek !

The dentist said you have an absessed tooth does it have to be pulled or can it heal?

Abscessed teeth cannot heal on their own. It means that the tooth is dying. The root has to be removed or it could end up infecting your other teeth. Normally, a root canal would be done in this case as opposed to pulling it. If the tooth is in really bad shape, the tooth may have to be pulled.

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Why do i have pain in my jaw and teeth and numbness in chin and feel sick?

You may have an absessed tooth.... could possibly need a root canal. Best to see your dentist. They will probably give you antibiotics first.

What to eat with an absessed tooth?

pudding or soup... when its bigger enough if your in awful pain and don't want to go to the doctor you could pop it with a toothpick OS something sharp. soft stuff, the softer the better :)

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