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What are the side affects of an absessed tooth?

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February 17, 2011 3:53AM

An abcess is a serious dental problem, that needs to be

professionaly treated, right away. If it is NOT treated, you may

develop a serious blood stream infection, that may lead to

permanent dmage to your heart, your brain and your eyes. A systemic

blood infection may even lead to death, if un-treated. Treatment

will include a 7 to 14 day course of multi spectrum anti biotics,

to kill the infection and reduce the swelling at the site of the

infection, followed by x-rays of the site, to establish the extent

of the involvement, in other words, what teeth are affected by this

disease. Finally, oral surgery will be done to remove the affected

tooth, or teeth, and possibly some jaw bone that had become

infected as well. Replacement tooth or teeth will be in order, a

few weeks after the surgery swelling goes down. A further course of

anti- biotics, after the surgery will also be ordered. Do not delay

treatment of this serious condition. Jim Bunting. Toronto.

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