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What are the side effects of swallowing excessive amounts of Magic Mouthwash?

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Magic mouthwash is a generic combination of three ingredients used in hospitals to help prevent mouth pain from chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It consists of Benadryl, lidocaine and Maalox to help coat and numb the oral cavity. I am unaware of any ill effects from regular use of this formulation.

2009-03-24 18:54:59
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Is mouthwash less effective if you rinse your mouth out with water afterwards?

Not by a great deal. The active ingredients in mouthwash (antibacterial agents) are designed to work on oral bacteria during the exposure time which is displayed on the bottle of mouthwash. Typically you rinse for 30 seconds with mouthwash. After this time any oral bacteria that has been killed will be amongst the mouthwash inside your mouth, so to remove as much as possible it's advisable to rinse with water afterwards - the mouthwash has done its job by then. It also helps to prevent staining of your teeth, mouth and tongue by the mouthwash. I do not understand why there is no instruction to rinse with water after using mouthwash, however I would imagine this is personal preference - as there would be no detrimental health effects by 'not' rinsing it away.

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What are the Side effects of magic mouthwash?

Magic Mouthwash is a common name for a mixture of 2 or more drugs, in a liquid form, usually prescribed for mouth pain or infection. Side effects just depend upon what ingredients are in the mixture. Some common ingredients are: nystatin (antifungal), benadryl liquid (antihistamine), tetracycline (antibiotic), mylanta (antacid), hydrocortisone (steroid), dexamethasone (steroid), prednisone (steroid), lidocaine (anaesthetic). If you don't know what ingredients are in the mouthwash, ask the pharmacist who prepared it.