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The green tea diet is something new that many people have adapted to. It can be helpful for those trying to start a healthier lifestyle or well being. To learn more about the green tea diet and the effects and benefits from the diet, go to

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Q: What are the side effects of the green tea diet?
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What are the negative side effects to taking a green tea diet?

For most people, the only side effect from drinking green tea is insomnia, caused by the caffeine naturally found in tea. Caffeine addiction can also be of concern, but many caffeine-free green teas are on the market. More information can be found here:

Does green tea perfume have side effects?

Green Tea perfume is made with green tea extract. This is a homeopathic solution and should have no adverse side effects. Always check with a physician if you think you may have an allergic reaction.

Can I use green tea as a herbal diet pill?

No, green tea is not mentioned on any website to work as a diet pill. Green tea will not suppress your appetite.

Does Big K diet green tea have caffeine?

I called the number on the side of the bottle....yes!

What can substitute green or black tea in a diet?

Green tea is good for health.

Is Green tea bad on Atkins diet?


What diet for reducing smoking effects?

drink green tea, because it reduces chances of cardiovascular and cancer by up to 40-50%

What does a person do if they are on a green tea diet?

The green tea diet suggests that participants drink several cups of green tea each day to aid in calorie burning and weight loss. In addition to drinking several cups of green tea, participants in the diet need to eat reasonable portions of healthy foods and engage in exercise regularly.

Are there any weight loss recipes that incorporate green tea as an ingredient?

You don't necessarily need to find a diet that specifically incorporates green tea. Adding green tea in your diet regularly is a great way to lose weight.

What is the green tea diet and does it really work?

The green tea diet, like all diets, works better for some people than it does for others. You basically insert green tea into your daily life as a substitute for unhealthier products.

What side effects are there related to drinking tea weight loss?

There are no known side effects related to drinking tea for weight loss. Drinking tea is very beneficial for you.

Where can I find info on green tea diet online?

The best place to go for information about the green tea diet is It is full of information that may help you improve your health.

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