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A miss on one or more cylinders and lack of power. Remove all spark plugs, remove the coil wire and run a compression check on all cylinders. The ones with low compression may have a burnt valve.

2006-07-15 21:07:17
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Q: What are the signs and symptoms of burnt valves in 1992 Chevy Astro van?
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What are symptoms on burnt valve on 1998 ford f150?

Burnt valves will cause power loss. Another symptom will be the engine will run hotter than normal and use more antifreeze.

What is the function of engine valves in car?

Engine cylinder head valves admit the air/fuel mixture and release the burnt gases.

You smell a burnt rubber smell from under the hood of your 2001 Chevy venture what is it?

a burnt rubber ball in the cardorater

Why are taillights not working on your 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

The fuse has burnt out.

What is the making a noise in my engine?

This could be any number of things... a slipping belt, burnt valves, old bearings. Try plugging some of the car symptoms into this search engine... it's handy:

What would cause a 1999 Galant to not idle?

timing off,base timing not set,dist. not set in right position, timing belt about to break, low fuel pressure,burnt valves,leaking head gasket.need more symptoms.

What causes burned valves?

Burnt valves need to be lubricated where the valves move up and down there is alot of friction and whats to keep it lubed is oil if you dont keep that up that is where the blue smoke coming out the tail pipe.

What is the cause of blue smoke from exhaust on ATVs?

blue smoke can be caused by sticking valves or burnt rings

How do you know when you have a burnt valve in your motor?

You can have a compression test done on the engine to determine the condition of the rings and valves.

What is the function of exhaust valve?

Exhaust valves open at the appropriate time to allow the burnt gasses to escape.

Functions of Valves?

The valves in a car engine are opened and closed by a cam shaft driven by the engine crankshaft. they allow the flow of gases and fuel into the engine and the burnt gases out of the engine into the exhaust system.

Why would brake lights on 1997 Chevy Camero not work when lights are on?

The bulbs are burnt out.

How often do you adjust valves on 850 suzuki c50?

First of all, it's not 850cc, it's 805cc. You want to adjust your valves when they get noticeably louder or quieter. Louder = loose. Quieter = tight. Loose is better than tight. Too tight can lead to burnt valves and low compression. I adjust my valves at the start of every season.

What is a burnt valve in a motor of a car?

a burnt valve looks like a wide crack in a valves' head. when a motor runs too lean, the cylinders heat up too much, causing the head of the valve to heat up faster than it can dissipate the heat, causing the valves' head to crack. once the valves' head starts cracking or melting away, you lose compression in that cylinder, and the engin will vibrate and it may not idle at all.

Pregnant symptoms after tied and burnt tubes?

That happened to me. I had to go the hospital and the emergency room. I actually was pregnant, too.

Truck dies when you put in gear?

Vacuum leak, low compression, burnt valves, low fuel pressure, weak spark, bad transmission....

What are the symptoms of a burnt valve?

The engine will have low compression and misfire, especially at idle. The misfire will seem to disappear at higher RPM.

My third brake light on 1992 Chevy beretta not working any suggestions?

if its burnt out, replace it, if not, check the wireing

Cyclinder5and6 misfire Chevy s10 v6 97 causes?

Bad plugs or plug wires. Blown head gasket or burnt valve. A compression test will eliminate burnt valve or blown gasket.

Burned valve symptoms?

Engine miss, poor fuel economy, loss of power, and low compression on the cylinder with the burnt valve.

What r the symptoms of a manifold leak on a 1999 Toyota camery?

Water in the oil Burnt oil Oil in the water Loss of power.

Why doesn't the blower motor blow on a 1996 Chevy cargo van?

Could be burnt out. Same thing happened to my caddy.

What are the symptoms of bad pistons in a Chevy 350?

If the pistons are bad it should be smoking a bright blue color out of the exhaust. Are if a piston skirt is broken it should be knocking all the time. If there is a whole burnt in the piston you will not have any compression on that cylinder. Most of the time pistons just don't go bad.

What will cause a 1985 Chevy Celebrity to backfire checked timing compression both good vacuum gauge indicates valve timing out but heard flat cam and burnt valves or is it a timing set?

Since the compression is good I would not expect it to be a burnt valve. It could be timing if the timing chain has excess play. I would also check the ignition module and the engine control module. We had a 1986 Chevy Celebrity that had an ignition problem that cause it to run badly and backfire. The service engine soon light was blinking but not posting a code. We changed the engine control module and it fixed the problem.

You had three burnt valves in your cars engine The mechanic opened up the engine and changed those three only and closed it back up The car is now running fine but was that the right way to fix it?

Well that depends on whose money, and what his work order said to do, and the cause for the valves to have been burnt, if hey burnt due to a lean condition that caused them 3 to fail earley then sure it is ok, some purest would insist on have all the valves done at once, but if it is alow mile car or a tigh budget you could get another 100,000 miles out the head the way it was fixed. I would say, overall yes and the proof is in the pudding, IE it runs fine.