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If a hamster is scared or nervous it may bite you.

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Q: What are the signs of a nervous hamster?
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What do you do if your hamster is jumpy and nervous?

If your hamster is jumpy and looking nervous then you should gently stroke it inside of it's cage and then feed it pieces of food out your hand then that way your hamster will come fond of your smell and will be used to you and when you handle it it wont be nervous no more.

What are the signs your hamster is hybernating?

A hamster's hibernating signs are: 1.Your hamster takes most of it's food to it's bed 2.Your hamster sleeps day and night 3.In summer they don't sleep as much as they do in the winter time

When does a Hamster bite?

A hamster will usually bite if hurt, frightened, nervous, or if it wants to go back in its cage. Hope i helped

How do you know if your dwarf hamster has mites?

If your dwarf hamster has signs of hair loss lots or itching and green hammy manure then these signs may be theresult of mites

What are the signs that your girl hamster is pregnant?

You can tell if your female hamster is pregnant if there is a pink sack near her private.

Why would a hamster pace?

Its nervous or upset. Thats what mine does.

Syrian hamster dying- what are the signs?

ur hamster will be very slow in his or her movement and will not eat as much as usually it does and it will hardly move about

Why Hamster bite me but Hamster sleep on hand sometime?

Hamsters usually bite when they are nervous or scared. It's not usually anything personal, they are just jumpy.

Teddy bear hamster dying?

how old is he/she and what are the signs? sickness or oldness?

You think your hamster might have had her babies and ate them while you were gone.Is there any way to tell?

I guess you can tell. If your hamster has been pregnant for 10-16 days and was showing signs of pregnancy and you know she was pregnant then all of a sudden the signs were gone and your hamster is back to it's old self then that is probably the case

Should you return a biting hamster?

No. Once the hamster gets to know you he will no longer bite. Hamsters usually bite when they are young and nervous. They need to acclimate themselves to you.

What are the signs of a sick hamster?

I had a hamster of my own when i was around 9. And, before she got sick, some signs i notices was that she had diarrhea and was VERY territorial and aggressive. She would bit and bear her teeth. There are probably lots more symptoms.....but these are just the signs of an upcoming sickness. Hope my info was a bit of a help. :)

How do you know when your hamster is sick?

You can tell your hamster is sick if they have/are; -Shivering -Inactive -lazy -irregular breathing -restlessness (nervous signs) -dry nose Wet tail ~happens mainly if your hamster is stressed, or if they are being handled too much. Unclean cages could also lead to wet tail, or quick changes of environments

How can you tell if your hamster is in pain?

Hamsters try their best to hide signs of sickness as much as they possibly can. However, there are some telltale signs that a hamster is suffering, such as not eating, drinking too much or not at all, a wet tail, diarrhea, fast breathing, or just acting out of character. Take the hamster to a vet immediately if it is suspected that he is ill.

Are hamster balls good for mice?

Yes but it really depends on the mouse. If you think your mouse would like a hamster ball make sure it is small and not hamster sized. If your mouse shows any signs of distress once in the hamster ball take it out immediately.

Your dwarf hamster just fell off your dresser and its pregnant what do you do?

How did the hamster land? Are they limping at all? It all depends on how the hamster is. If it shows any signs of injury or pain then I would take her to the vets.

Are there eating process signs a hamster is giving birth?

When a hamster is getting ready to give birth, she will likely refuse food. She will make a nest, and will not want to leave it.

What are the first signs of your hamster beginning her pregnancy?

Saving up food and making a nest

What are the signs a woman is in love with a man?

One of the signs is that you start to feel butterflies in your stomach aka as your very nervous when your around him

What are some signs my hamster cant get something out of its pouch?

Hamsters use their paws to push out the food in their pouches. If a hamster can't get something out it would be constantly pushing at its cheek.

Is it dangerous if a hamster eats playdough?

Play-Doh is non-toxic, but it wouldn't be good for them; if your hamster starts showing any signs of distress, take it to a vet immediately.

How can you tell if your dwarf hamster is nervous when you hold it?

It may pee or poop in your hands and that is okay. You should keep trying to get your dwarf hamster comfortable though. Also, don't have too many people seeing him/her it could also be the problem with your dwarf hamster.

How do you know when your teddy bear hamster is in pain?

The short answer is you don't, so its important to keep an eye out for signs which could indicate that a hamster is in pain. Limping or squeaking a lot are very physical signs. You should look out for things like this. If you notice that your hamster looks like he could be in pain you should get him checked out by a vet immediately.

How Do You Know When What if your Hamster Is Unwell? This site lists lots of hamster illnesses and their symptoms. General signs of a sick hamster are listlessness, lethargy, and acting unlike how it usually does. Hope it was helpful!

Your hamster is sick where does it have to go to get treatment?

If your hamster is showing any signs of illness, it is best for you to take it to the vet. They will tell you what the problem is and give your hamster treatment. For more information you could use websites and books. Hope this helped!