What are the signs that a girl likes you?

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Coming from a girl - - she may play with her hair alot when your near her
- she may just look at you slitley all innosent

Also - Tip for the guys!!
- girls don't really like coming up to you so be the one to make the first move girls admire that.  If You Want to Know if She Loves You so:
Girls are confusing. Some girls run in the opposite direction when they like a boy, while others stay close by his side, looking for any opportunity to interact or get close to him. Some major signs a girl likes you are flirting, shyness, stuttering, politeness, eye contact, trying to be near you and secret smiles :)

Contributors Add input on how to know when she likes you:
  • twirling her hair, approaching you with friends; Her friends laughing and giggling and watching you when you talk to her
  • when a girl like a boy they have a hard time being around him, they just don't know what to say, they are just lost in the imagination of the boy. Also when a girl likes a boy they are shy and too busy and nervous thinking of what to say to the boy.
  • When I like a boy I completely ignore him- even act apathetic when he speaks. Even pretending I didn't hear him to avoid one-on-one interaction with him. I'm just too nervous and scared to say anything or even let him know I like him- I guess it's that fear of rejection thing.
  • If you want to know if she loves you so it's in her kiss.
  • Yup, that's where it is!
  • She picks on you and enjoys it. Sometimes she hurts you, but just sometimes. Or She stares at you and when you look at her and notice, she quickly looks away.
  • this coming from a girl!!! they always mess with their hair nails or if u r in the same class as them they will sit as far as they can from you and always make eye contact look out for these signs and wait for a while until u notice any of these hints then ASK HER OUT!!!:P
  • If a girl likes you..she'll try to be around you a lot but if you get close to her she'll get scared and run away. She will glance at you a lot but will try not to make it seem obvious. If a girl likes you she'll also be very quiet around you I suppose. Sorry I'm not much help heh.
  • A Shy girl will be that; shy. YOU have to make the moves to be with her, because she won't- Period. Just sit with her, talk with her. If your already friends, she won't find that odd. She will start hanging out with you more, and if she opens up to you, and goes to you first, then she likes you, in most cases.
  • A girl will try to be with you as much as you can, if you walk away from her, she will wait a couple minutes, then go to where you are (she doesn't want to make it seem to obvious, or like she's stalking you:P).
  • she will also start hating on other girls you hang out with. She may just be saying that she doesn't like that girl because she's 'annoying' or 'rude' but if you are touching that other girl, and it maybe seems like you are flirting with her, even if youre not, that is really why she hates her :)
  • Being a girl, I can tell you that they REALLY don't want to be found out. I know this cuz i am in a such situation that i like this guy, but alas, he only likes me as a friend (i hope at least that!)
  • They try to hang around you a lot and make jokes. maybe they even try to get your friend to divulge more info about you. maybe (if they go to the extreme) they will fake a relationship with your friend, but cover it up as "the secret"
  • Does she go out of her way for you- even when she thinks you don't notice? Stand up and adjust her posture for you? If yes to any of these, she might like you.
  • if she likes you, she will laugh and pretend to be mad at you when you do something that bugs her or that effects her in a bad way. she will giggle and pretend to be annoyed when you tease her. she will not mind when you touch her hair. she may tickle you. she will give you hugs. she will text you. (you should text her first though) try to make inside jokes or nicknames. if you sit next to her, play footsies with her. ask to see her bracelet or ring. graze your fingers across her hand. tell her that her hair is soft or smells good. ask for high fives. look into her eyes, (not in a creepy way though) don't cross you arms when you talk to her, smile and nod when she talks. when she vents or complains, do not give her suggestions, just smile and comfort her (hug will help) tell her everything will be okay. bring her things that remind you of her, she'll love that. she might say that you're annoying, ignore that
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What are signs that a girl likes you?

Some people will dis agree. but it all depends on the age. In 7th grade if girls start insulting you for no reason what so ever they might like you. Just don't make a confession or anything til your positive . That's kind of wrong and I'm a girl so i would know. If a girl likes you she will try ( Full Answer )

What are signs a girl likes you?

Girls are confusing. Some girls run in the opposite direction when they like a boy while others stay close by his side, looking for any opportunity to interact or get close to him. Some major signs a girl likes you are flirting, shyness, stuttering, politeness, eye contact, trying to be near you and ( Full Answer )

What are obvious signs a girl likes you?

most girls will make eye contact and try to make ot obvious that they are more interested in you than in anybody else in a room. She may play hard to get. she will ask your friends about you and she will try to manipulate situations so that she can sit next to you or be near you. she will call you. ( Full Answer )

What are Signs of a girl liking you?

there are so many different signs she could like you, but some how try and drop in a fun line like "you are the best cook or you are so fun etc, you'd be an awesome mum" if she like you she will have a sheepish smile(cos she has thought about having your babies!!)... if she doesnt like you she wont ( Full Answer )

What are some signs that a girl likes you?

You can really tell that a girl likes you if she flutters her eyelashes alot at you, and giggles alot. Sometimes they will over laugh or kinda give off an awkward vibe (depending on how shy they are). They will try to talk to you as much as possible and gaze into your eyes. OH and they they will com ( Full Answer )

Signs of a girl liking you?

Well there's alot of signs. I am a girl myself but I am under 13 so this might not be right. But I notice weird things I do when I like a guy. . She will expose her wrist alot . play with her hair . blush . she laughs alot for no reason . she pretends she doesn't like you . If you brus ( Full Answer )

Signs a shy girl likes you?

Nice question! You know I am a girl and I can help you (btw I amshy to my crush) . If she likes you, she will either hold it for a long time or pullaway immediately. Either of these could mean that she likes you. Ifshe pulls away quickly, it means she is nervous but she still likesyou - which means ( Full Answer )

Signs a girl like you?

She laughs at your jokes, she tries to talk to you, she's shy around you. She rambles on about stuff. She always tries to look extra good the days she knows she's going to see you, she texts you.

What are signs that a girl likes a guy?

There are many different signs. Including: 1. She will always look across to you, then look away after noticing a response from you. 2. She will try and catch your attention as many times as possible. 3. Will try and be in your company as much as possible. 4. She will try and change her im ( Full Answer )

Signs of when a boy likes a girl?

when a boy likes you I am a shy boy and I just can't talk properly talk to her.I get nervous when I talktn her.Usually the signs are when they are always looking at you, or just want to be around you. when boys are shy, they'll look away when you look at them, they'll be kinda shy to talk to you t ( Full Answer )

What are the signs that a guy likes a girl?

Some sign are 1) He stares at you and when your eyes meet he looksaway 2) when you are with your friends he follows you around 3) inclass he tries to work with you or help you 4) when you are at adance he hangs out with you and your friends then asks you to dance Well, there are a wide range of answ ( Full Answer )

Signs that a girl like you?

She'll stare more than usual, get real quiet and often bite her bottom lip. She might mess with her nails or stare at her feet, though.

Signs a girl likes a boy?

You will know if she\he acts weird around you and avoids you more than anyone else. And let her\him know the real you not some fake image you might give off. If the girl is like me: She'll try to be close to you without letting you know; maybe she'll tease you a lot or pretend to be your enemy (n ( Full Answer )

What are the signs a girl likes a guy?

Ok, Well its different for many girls, but the most common is either she always makes fun of you, like playfully insults you and laughs alot. When you ask her a simple question she may take it the wrong way and turn it into something funny. I think we do this to make the boys we like laugh.

What are Signs that a girl likes boy?

well usaly the girl will beat the boy up.stand up for him.laugh at his jokes.and wait for him to come home.or she will always look at him and she will defintly blush.

Signs guys like a girl?

When you pass a guy at school or somthing like that then a guy who realy likes you will eather try to not look at you so you dont see him looking at you or he will eather stare at you and when you look at him he will blush the grin:]. but if he doesnt like you then he willonly once in a great while ( Full Answer )

Signs girl like you?

Ok i am a girl so ill help you guys out . These are the signs girls give when they like you. Sometimes we stare at you but we're sneeky about it (unlike boys) so you have to TRY to catch US in the act. We also bump into you on purpose . When we see you we say hi but in a flirty way . We also ask you ( Full Answer )

What are signs a boy likes a girl?

They mess with you until you get aggravated. They also hit you. Some times they avoid you but not always. Remember girls, if boys hit you incessantly, they like you!

A sign that a girl likes you?

A girl will like you if she smiles and either tells you that she likes you. (which a dirl might never even do) If you step up and tell her that you like her and tell her your inner feelings then she may like you back too. She should also invite you to go to places with her and you do the same too. G ( Full Answer )

What are signs that a teen girl likes you?

I am a teen girl, and I can tell you some signs. If a girl laughs or smiles a lot (more than normal) while talking to you, she probably likes you at least a little. She might also touch her face, twirl her hair, or lean on her arms while close to you. Does that help?

What are the signs that a shy girl likes you?

Well im a shy girl so i know ... When i like someone i ussualy look at the boy a lot but trying not to get caught... And also i will be more shy when im with the boy i like... And i will try to be nicer with the boy

What are the signs of a girl likes you?

-She starts to smile when she see you. -She's always around you. -She hugs you goodbye for a long time. -She waits for you. -She asks you question if you like other girls. (For example; "So, you think she's hot" , "I heard you like ______")

What signs does a girl show if she likes you?

Well.... I got a couple things: 1. she looks at you more 2.she flirts with you 3. she talks to you alot 4. play fights with you 5.very open and touches you a lot ( How about a very religious girl{I like her})

What are the 10 Signs that a girl likes you?

10 signs that a girl likes you is if she always stares at you, follows you around, bats her eyes at you, is always smiling, is always speechless around you, always talks about you, when you say no to a date she crys on has a really sad puppy dog face, she trys to sit as close to you as possible she ( Full Answer )

What are the signs that a girl knows you like her?

this is from a girls point of view: girls won't say to you "i know you like me" unlessshe is positive you do , and you have said this to someone, as she finds this is embarrasing. if you are in a convesation with others about who you fancy.......and she is there she might try to catch you eye, if y ( Full Answer )

Are there signs when a girl likes you?

Ask her best friend, or watch her for a while. Be nice to her, lightly touch her arm, and see how she reacts. She'll be all over you.

Signs of a shy girl that likes you?

She stares at you alot. She looks away when you look at her. She blushes when she talks to you or hears you name.

What are some signs when a girl likes you?

If a girl likes you she will usually twirl her hair on her finger. She will also laugh a little too much or a little too loud because she is very nervous. Many girls are very quiet when they are near someone they like. She might also try to look her best while she is in school, work, or any place ar ( Full Answer )

What are the Signs that a girl likes a lesbian?

The question: What are the sign the girl has a lesbian crush on you ? The signs are: 1. If she has a silly baby voice. 2. If she touches you and it makes you feel uncomfotable. 3. Hates you then loves you but worst of all wont give up on you. 4. Trys to kiss you or have sex with you. 5. S ( Full Answer )

What are signs a girl like you?

She may play with her hair or hold eye contact over a crowded bar. If she smiles at you, go over and introduce yourself, and avoid cheesy chat-up lines.

What signs do girls show if they like you?

Here's a few simple signs: 1. SHE WANTS TO BE AROUND YOU A LOT. This includes, for example, inviting you places, asking to go places with you. 2. SHE CHANGES HER APPEARANCE TO PLEASE YOU. If she dyes her hair a color you like or begins wearing new clothes just for you, she likes you. 3. SHE OPENLY ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a girl likes you. what are the signs?

Well, usually if a girl likes you, depending on the age, she'll do this stuff: Smiles at you Asks you for help a lot Twiddles her fingers around you Sits near you Play with her hair Lick her lips and make herself pretty Make you things Call your name and show you stuff a lot Wear ( Full Answer )

What signs will a girl give if she likes you?

Alright, these can vary from girl to girl so these are just some general signs. . She talks to you a lot . She goes out of her way to talk to you . She makes eye contact all the time . She subtly touches you when talking . She dresses up when she knows she'll see you . She texts you . You cat ( Full Answer )

What are ALL of the signs that a girl likes you?

well here are some . they will flirt with u . they will stare at u and if u catch her she will eaither smile of quickly look away . some girls can be shy too. . they will be happy to c u whenever. . text u alot if u have eachothers # . always plays with her hair or does something with her ( Full Answer )

What the sign a girl online like you?

Online? Well she will probably be laughing a lot, like say 'lol' or 'haha' to a lot of things. She will be sassy and seem to agree with you on a lot of things.

How can you give a girl signs you likes her?

You can start by saying "Hi" to the girl you have a crush on, and if she responds positively, converse with her frequently. The more you communicate with and is exposed to the person you have a crush on, the closer you two will become. If you're confused or lost with what to talk about, try finding ( Full Answer )

What are the signs of a girl liking me?

I'm hoping that this passage will be enough information. Well there are lots of ways of telling if a girl likes you, I am going to be listing the top 10 ways to tell if a girl likes you or not. I hope that you will enjoy this and I hope that this helps you with knowing that girl likes you or not. 1 ( Full Answer )

What are signs of a girl if she likes you?

she'll talk to you a lot she puts more :) faces than ;) faces in her texts she flirts with you she'll like... touch your arm when you talk and things like that.

What are girl signs that she likes you?

Of course, all girls are different. Signs MAY include, are not limited to, or perhaps are not signs at all...: Blushing Over compensation for affection, so she is mean to you or pretends she doesn't care Stammering Deep eye contact Tries hard to be friends with you Laughs a lot around you And the ( Full Answer )

What signs a girl likes you?

A girl can exhibit many signs when she likes a person. She mayinitiate more contact, speak to the person more often, and flirt.

What are the signs that a shy girl likes me?

You have to notice the looks she gives at you. See how she talks. Make a way to see if she is jealous about you with another girl. Compliment her. Sit next to her to have a discussion with each other. Beware that she might be staring at you. Notice the differences between how she talks to you and ho ( Full Answer )