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What are the similarities between reptiles and mammals?


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vertebrates(with a backbone)

1. breathe through lungs on land (most of them>>reptiles)

3.internal fertilization


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- both vertebrates - both contain millions of cells

They all have a spine They reproduce They all need air and water

Both reptiles and mammals can... 1. breathe through their lungs, 2. give birth, 3. live in similar places, and 4. have good survival skills.

They have some similarities. Both reptiles and mammals are primarily land-dwelling vertebrates, though some species are aquatic.

Reptiles and mammals are not the same thing; I will assume you want some similarities. Both reptiles and mammals breathe through lungs, not gills. Both reproduce sexually. Both are multicellular organisms.

reptiles are cold blooded and mammals are warm blooded.

What are similarities between egg laying mammals and pouched mammals

The biggest difference between reptiles and mammals is that reptiles lay eggs, and mammals do not.

Primates are not 'similar' to mammals, they ARE mammals.

No, reptiles are not mammals.

Similarities: 1. Both breath oxygen 2. Both give birth 3. Both have internal organs (heart, lungs, stomach etc.) Diferences: 1. Since reptiles are cold blooded, they can change their body temperature to keep warm 2. Reptiles lay eggs 3. Mammals have fur (Hair) Reptiles have scales Hope this helped! :)

Mammals, birds, and reptiles all derive from a single common ancestor.

Both mammals and birds are warm-blooded, whereas reptiles are cold-blooded.

Monotremes lay eggs, as do reptiles. Monotremes' limbs go outward (rather than downward) from their main body, which is also true for reptiles. Monotremes lack a corpus callosum (which placental mammals have), as do reptiles. Monotremes and reptiles both have cloacas, while placental mammals have separate openings for urination and defecation. This evidence all shows monotremes to be a link between reptiles and mammals, but we now think that monotremes just evolved from an earlier branching from the mammalian tree of lineage than the marsupials and placental mammals evolved from. Monotremes are not a link between reptiles and mammals.

Snakes are reptiles. Both mammals and reptiles are animals.

1. Mammals are warm-blooded; reptiles are cold-blooded. 2. Most/all mammals have hair; reptiles do not. 3. Female mammals have mammary glands; female reptiles do not. 4. Mammals have sweat glands; reptiles do not.

reptiles are scaly mammals have fur and is soft.

Mammals are not closely related to reptiles

Mammals are warm blooded and reptiles are cold blooded.

mammals, including marsupials, are warmblooded whereas reptiles are cold-blooded.mammals bear live young (with the exception of the monotremes) whereas most (not all) reptiles lay eggs.mammals have fur, skin or hair, whereas reptiles have scaly skin, but not scales.

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