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Similar in that they were both a success. The difference was that in the

attacks on Malaya, the Japanese were there to occupy, claim and exploit

the Natural Resources.

2007-08-18 15:14:51
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Why did the Japanese attack Malaya?

The Japanese were after Malaya's oil and other natural resources.

Did the Japanese attack Singapore from Malaya?

yes the japanese used malaya at that time as a front to attack singapore as the terrain covered the japanese troops well and they could use the sultans palace as a hiding place as the british could not fire at the sultans palace because of their promise to the sultan of malaya

When did the Japanese invade Malaya?

Actually, chronologically, the Japanese invasion of Malaya is very slightly before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 7th 1941. It led to the attack and capture of Singapore, in which many British & Australians were captured.

What is the value of the Japanese malaya invasion 1000 bank note?

S$10 to S$20

What is malaya?

Malaya is a country in Singapore or it can be found in Malaysia. Malaysian are people from Malaya . Malaya is a pre-

Who was the first prime minister of independent malaya?

Tunku Abdul Rahaman between 1957 -63 before Malaya became part of Malaysia in 1963.

Who made Singapore independent?

No one is responsible for country's independence. Independence came about after a series of events that occur between Malaya (Singapore was part of Malaya) and UK.

Why Japanese able to conquer Malaya in short time period?

Nominal British defenses extisted there. The real goal for even attacking Malaya was to get to Singapore. The british always though Singapore would be attackedd from the sea and they were prepared for such an attack. They thought to bring a subtantial army down through Malaya would be pretty much impossible. So the Japanese attacked from the morth where all the british fixed guns were pointing out to sea.

Which European colonial power took control of Malaya and built the port at Singapore?

During World War II, Singapore was occupied by the Japanese Empire. After the war, the British Empire took control of Malaya and built the port at Singapore.

What is the message of malaya poem?

Malaya is also a freedom

When was University of Malaya created?

University of Malaya was created in 1905.

What are the events that led to the Japanese occupation of Malaya?

the british lacked of preparation the delay of assisting army of london and india the japanese attacked through the sea instead of air complete preparation of japanese army japanese army well-trained , experienced , highly courageous and tactical

What is the duration of The Tiger of Malaya?

The duration of The Tiger of Malaya is 1.43 hours.

What is the duration of Malaya film?

The duration of Malaya - film - is 1.63 hours.

What are examples if Japanese immperialism?

Japan's occupation of Korea (1910) and the invasion of China in the 1930s. In 1941 Japanese forces invaded Hong Kong, Malaya, Burma, the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) and New Guinea.

What is Malaya dance?

Malaya is the part of Arabic Dance,which is popular in Middle-East.

When was Oxana Malaya born?

Oxana Malaya was born on 1983-11-04.

When was The Tiger of Malaya created?

The Tiger of Malaya was created on 1943-06-24.

When was Malaya Lewandowski born?

Malaya Lewandowski was born on 1988-04-13.

When was Malaya Drew born?

Malaya Drew was born on 1978-02-06.

When was Malaya - newspaper - created?

Malaya - newspaper - was created in 1981.

When was labor Party of Malaya created?

Labour Party of Malaya was created in 1952-06.

What nicknames does Kayleen Malaya Caruana go by?

Kayleen Malaya Caruana goes by K.

Who saw the occupation of french Indochina Indonesia Malaya and the Philippines as an opportunity?

Ho Chi Minh saw the Japanese occupation as an opportunity to organize the Vietminh. When the Japanese withdrew after World War II, he and the Vietminh declared Vietnamese independence.

Why did the Japanese attack Guam?

The Japanese attack on Guam was a part of the World War II Pacific War offensive. It took place just hours after the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor, the Philippines, Malaya, Singapore, and Hong Kong. These events effectively brought the United States in the war.