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Mostly they don't look a like , but you can tel the difference. They both have scales, sharp teeth , and they are both very fast. but crocs are more aggresive than the alligator. the alligator is darker in color too. crocs aren't usally found in the U.S, unlike the croc. May age 12

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Q: What are the similarities of the alligator and the crocodile?
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Crocodile is to alligator as toad is to?

The crocodile is to an alligator as the toad is to a frog.

Who would win the fight crocodile or alligator not a nile alligator?


What came first the alligator or the crocodile?

Both the crocodile and the alligator came together.

Who has the bigger nose crocodile or alligator?

the average alligator has a larger snout than a crocodile

Which animal is the largest living relative to the dinosaur?

The crocodile/alligator

Is an alligator a crocodile?

No it is NOT an alligator. They are very different.

Use the phrase an alligator in sentence?

the alligator is a crocodile

Who will win a alligator or a crocodile?

most likely a crocodile

How is a crocodile's snout different from a alligator's snout?

The crocodile has a more tapered snout than the broader snout of the alligator.

Is alligator or crocodile good for you?

Alligator tail is healthier then chicken when it comes to fat and cholesterol as for as crocodile im not sure

What do you call a sick crocodile?


What other animal is the alligator to?

The alligator is similar to the cayman, and the crocodile.