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What are the skills needed to become an electronics salesman?


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no skills required...

no skills required...

Not true at all. if you came in my store and said you had no skills at all I would not hire you. Dont listen to that last answer. to be a good salesman in any field if its cars, Electronics,Real estate any job that require you to sell. you have to be a good listener which is a skill people arent born with. If a customer feels you are not listening to them you will lose a sale. Be honest you can not create customers for life or last very long in sales period if you lie, if you don't know the answer tell your customer that but make sure you find the answer as soon as possible. Follow up with your customers I don't care if they didnt buy anything Keeping a good relationship with your customer by following up will lead to future sales. and the most important thing you must be able to take rejection not everyone is going to buy and not everyone is going to nice to you but a true salesman takes it in stride and moves on to the next customer. It is not true that anyone can be a salesman I don't care what anyone says. Yeah somone can work in sales for a couple months but that does not make them a salesman. it takes time and alot of practice and make sure you know your product. True sales to me is an art form not very many people can do it but if you do and are successful you will glad be you are a salesman. good luck and stay with it if its somthing you love to do.