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Q: What are the solution of desertion?
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What are ways in which desertion can be prevented?

In marriage, the solution is divorce.

When was The Circus Animals' Desertion created?

The Circus Animals' Desertion was created in 1939.

How do you put the word desertion in a sentence?

The soldier was charged with desertion at his court-martial.

What is the main causes of desertion in society?

What effects does desertion have on the family?Read more: What_effects_does_desertion_have_on_the_family

What are the release dates for His Wife's Desertion - 1908?

His Wife's Desertion - 1908 was released on: USA: September 1908

What has the author William H Baldwin written?

William H. Baldwin has written: 'The present status of family desertion and non-support laws' -- subject(s): Desertion and non-support 'Family desertion and non-support laws' -- subject(s): Desertion and non-support

What was the desertion rate during World War 2?

The desertion rate during World War 2 was 6.3 percent in 1944. By the time the war was over the desertion rate fell to 4.5 percent.

Can a wife charge a husband with desertion if she cheated on him?

No, a wife can not have her husband charged with desertion if she cheated on him. Adultery is grounds for separation and divorce.

How does Indian Air Force discriminate between peace and war desertion cases?

they dont discriminate between war or peace desertion. Policy was made by britishers and stays in effect... one of the top Officer says Airman can commit suicide but desertion is intolerable... I think on the name of discipline its too much, if desertion happens during war yes there has to be strict consequences but peace desertion should be treated with humanity.

What rhymes with assertive?

pervertive? ;)

What has the author Robert Fantina written?

Robert Fantina has written: 'Desertion and the American Soldier, 1776-2006' 'Desertion And the American Soldier'

When a soldier leaves the army unlawfully it is?