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What are the specification of video card?


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your face is the specification


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AGP is an older video card specification that had a higher bus speed than the PCI spec.

An integrated video card is "integrated" into the motherboard. That means the motherboard has a video card built in. A "discrete" video card means that you have a separate video card, one that typically plugs in to one of the expansion slots.

You can upgrade an AGP video card to any other AGP video card.

Another name for a Graphics card is:Video CardExpansion CardorVideo Acceleration Card

Visit the manufacturers website and view the technical specification for the card.

Assuming the phones are of the same specification for the SIM card - yes.

You can change your video card by following these steps: choose a new video card that works with your computer. Then uninstall the old video card from you computer. Then take the new video card and stick it into your computer. Install the new drivers and you are done!

Video capture card is a device, which is used to converting analog video signal to digital form

A video card is just another name for a graphics card. They are one and the same.

Configuring the BIOS for the video card being installed Physically installing the video card Installing drivers for the video card Remove old video card from your computer (if you use on-board skip this step) Attach the new video card to your computer. Start Computer using on-board video and install drivers. Attach monitor to new card, if it still doesn't work disable on-board video in your bios. If everything is installed properly and computer has significant power graphics card should work properly.

A video card many times will be the top card, that being the card nearest to the inputs such as USB, sound jacks and PS/2 ports. Usually this slot is an AGP or PCI Express slot. But not always. A surefire way to find the video card is to check for a DVI/VGA output on the card. That is almost always the video card. Usually a video card will have an active fan on it as well with a larger heat sink.

You must buy a new video card and follow the instructions as to how to install it.

It depends both on madel and current video card

Yes, it can. Some motherboards have an intergrated video card.

normally the motherboard have 1 slot for video card.

A video card that supports OpenGL. Nothing too fancy.

that means that your video card isn't high enough to play your game. it happened to me with oblivion.

yes, its what enables the video card to be attached to the motherboard if I understand your question right

The main way to tell which expansion card is the video card is to look at the plug. If it has a VGA socket, a display port socket, HDMI, etc., then you will know it is a video card. You may identify some of the chips on the card as being RAM, or you might find a fan on it, but these features are not exclusive to video cards. If that is the place where you plug your monitor, then it is a video card, unless of course you are plugging directly into the motherboard.

You can upgrade/update your 'Graphic Card' on ANY laptop or computer 'Video Card' = 'Graphic Card' Search 'Video Card' for more help.

the video card made of

hello this is not the answer :p

the video card is an inter face that is puts picta on yo screen yo! the video card is an inter face that is puts picta on yo screen yo!

A video card (also known as a 'graphics card') is used to generate and output images onto the display.

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