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Current regs are a V-8 engine, 2.4 liters, normally aspirated, limited to 19,000rpm, weighing no less than 95kg. Cylinders must have 4 valves, single spark plug and single injector, and variable valve timing is not allowed. Cylinder blocks must be aluminum alloy, crankshaft and cams iron alloy, and pistons aluminum alloy. Composites are not allowed in the engine structural elements. The starter system is not part of the engine system- external removable starters are required. Engines may have anti stall devices, but must shut down within ten seconds after an accident. regs change. Answer Basic specifications include that the engine has a capacity limit of 3.0 litres and must have ten cylinders. However, there is a host of other regulations concerning height, width, weight, braking systems etc, plus many more.

F1 cars in for more then 10 years used 3.0 litre V10 engines that very capable of producing 980 to 1000HP. After the FIA started taking notice F1 car engines were limited to 2.4 litres producing 750HP.

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How many liters is in a formula 1 car from the start?

There is 2.4-litre in a formula 1 car from the start.

Who invented the Formula 1 car?

Dale formula

What is the first Formula 1 car suppiled by Ford?

The formula 1 car to be supplied by Ford was at the 1963 USA .

Where are the aerials on a formula 1 car?

On the nose of the car.

What is the first Formula 1 car suppiled by Renault?

The formula 1 car to be supplied by Renault was at the 1977 British GP

What is the first formula 1 car suppiled by Honda?

The formula 1 car to be supplied by Honda was at the 1964 German GP.

What is the first formula 1 car suppiled by Peugeot?

The formula 1 car to be supplied by Peugeot was at the 1994 Brazilian GP with McLaren.

What is the decibel level of a formula 1 car?

147dB Based on Formula 1 race car full throttle drive bye

What is a palindrome for a formula 1 transport?

Race car is a palindrome for a formula 1 transport

How fast does an formula 1 car go?

A formula 1 car goes much fast than anyone had expected................----NANDIT MEHRA

What are good car specifications?

All cars have a range of different specifications. Good car specifications include, space, fuel efficiency, safety, viability and top speed, although this is subjective.

How much does a formula one car weigh?

A formula 1 car has to weight a minimum of 600kg including the driver.

How fast does a formula 1 car go?

around 350km/hr...that fast a formula one car can go

What are the Formula 1 car exhaust emissions?

The same as in any car.

What is the acceleration of a Formula 1 car?


How much is a Formula 1 car?


Is it possible for a human to outrun a Formula 1 car from a complete stop?

From a complete standstill, a person can outrun a Formula 1 car for about 30 metres.

What is the first Formula 1 car suppiled by Mercedes-Benz?

The formula 1 car to be supplied by Mercedes-Benz was at the 1954 Argentine GP.

What is faster Indy 500 car or a Formula 1 car?

Indy cars have a higher top speed then a Formula 1 car. However over a lap a Formulla 1 car is qucker. The main reason fr this is that an Indy car is so much heavier than a Formula 1 car. Therefore an F1 car can brake, accelerate and corner quicker than an Indy car and therefore a quicker llap time.

Is the Formula 1 steering wheel worth more than the Formula 1 car?

No, don't be ridiculous.

How much do Formula 1 cars weigh?

A Formula 1 car must weigh at least 620kgs.

How fast a Formula 1 car go?

Formula 1 cars can go past 200 mph.

How did the first motor car change over the years to become an Formula 1 car?

A small answer to an overwhelmingly huge question. Formula 1 traditionally (since 1946) is a specification of engine displacement, weight, and vehicle size. From 1901 until WW2 the roots of Formula 1 were laid By "Grand Prix" racing. Why it is called that is complicated. The first car did not "Develop" into a Formula 1 car.

Why does a formula 1 car go faster than a normal car?

Because a formula 1 car uses a different(and much more powerful) type of fuel than regular cars do.

What is the cost of a Formula 1 car?

about 1.500.000 pounds