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What are the specifications of a Formula 1 car?

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August 28, 2014 12:58PM

Current regs are a V-8 engine, 2.4 liters, normally aspirated, limited to 19,000rpm, weighing no less than 95kg. Cylinders must have 4 valves, single spark plug and single injector, and variable valve timing is not allowed. Cylinder blocks must be aluminum alloy, crankshaft and cams iron alloy, and pistons aluminum alloy. Composites are not allowed in the engine structural elements. The starter system is not part of the engine system- external removable starters are required. Engines may have anti stall devices, but must shut down within ten seconds after an accident. regs change. Answer Basic specifications include that the engine has a capacity limit of 3.0 litres and must have ten cylinders. However, there is a host of other regulations concerning height, width, weight, braking systems etc, plus many more.

F1 cars in for more then 10 years used 3.0 litre V10 engines that very capable of producing 980 to 1000HP. After the FIA started taking notice F1 car engines were limited to 2.4 litres producing 750HP.