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The spikes of a cactus prevents a herbivore from eating it as well prevents water loss through transpiration.

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Q: What are the spikes on the cacti used for?
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How many spikes does the average cactus have?

There is no such thing as an "average" cactus, because there are many different kinds, and the cacti may be big or small, young or old. Most cacti will have thousands of spikes on them. Big cacti may have tens of thousands of spikes.

What is the plant called in the desert with spikes?

Yuccas and agaves have spikes, cacti have spines.

How do cacti get spikes?

A natural growth of spines in the body.

What is the purpose of the spines or needles on a cactus?

the spines or spikes on a cacti are actually leaves. in order to conserve water, prevent evaporation, and serve as a form of defense the leaves have turn into spikes. instead of in the leaves cacti photosynthesis in the stem and that is why cacti are green

What are the Modified leaves of cacti called?

they are called spikes or spines.....

Can a cactus shoot its spikes at animals?

No, cacti cannot 'shoot' spikes. An animal would have to touch the plant to be stabbed.

Why do cacti have spikes?

Cacti have spikes to use as their defense mechanism to animals that may try to eat them. The spikes deter the animals by pricking them in the nose and mouth putting them off trying to eat it. The spikes also help collect water vapor by increasing the plant's surface area and the spikes also help stop transpiration loss of water through pores.

Are the spikes on the cacti flowers or leaves?

None of the two. They are just a way the cacti protects its self from parasites and damage. They are in fact modified leaves. The function of leaves has been taken over by the stem of the cacti that is why they are green.

Why do cacti have short spikes instead of leaves?

Cactus' leaves are modified into short spikes so as to prevent the excess loss of water through the process of transpiration.....

How can a cactus wren protect itself?

By hanging around cactuses or cacti so the spikes can keep their predators away.

What kind of plants has spikes and can survive in hot climate?

cacti, small leafless bushes and some types of trees

What are facts about a cactus?

all cacti produce photosynthesis in the stem of the plant and not the leaves, even though theyre are a few cacti that have leaves. every cacti has areolas, in which either new arms, flowers or spikes/glochids grow from. if a plant doesnt have areolas it is not a cacti. all cacti are succulents which means they drink up as much water and store it in their spines for later use because of their habitat in arid zones, that is why cacti have ribs so they can expand and contract with water. cacti also multiply by loosing limps or new stems that go on to root and grow on their own

How are cacti suited for a desert environment?

by their skin that surrounds them and the water they store when it rains.the spikes help it from being eatan by birds or by becoming a house for an owl.

How does prickly pear adapt to the desert?

well first they grow spikes and then they go to the desert to find a male and then they make babies but cacti have to have dry soil to thrive on!

How are cactus' adapted to it's environment?

== == Cacti are adapted to living in desert and they can store lots of water. They have spikes to protect themselves from predators. Cacti are adapted to the desert as that is where they grow and therefore they need special features to live in that environment. Over time the cacti has adapted to hot, desert conditions which means that they can live in the desert without needing lots of water.

What did the stegosaurus dinosaur use its spikes for?

it used its spikes so that he could defend him self

What is Tequila Cacti?

It is not a cactus at all, it is the Blue Agave that is used to make tequila. Agave plants are succulents not cacti.

How has vegetation adapted to survive the climate in deserts?

long roots, no leaves, cacti have the spikes to defend themselves, plants have short life cycles during the rainy months

How many spikes did the stegosaurus have on the end of its tail?

There were four spikes at the end of a Stegosaurus's tail that it used as a weapon for self defense. The spikes are called thagomizers.

What are a hedgehogs spikes used for?

Well hedgehogs have their spikes for self-defence, protection and all that but I don't know if there are any commercial uses for hedgehog spikes.

Are cactus poisonous?

Some cacti can indeed be poisonous. As in: the fluid in the cacti is. Some cacti have juice that is used to remove warts. If you accidently drink that, your intestines will burn and start rotting within hours.

What is a cacti?

There is no such thing as a cacti. Cacti is plural for the singular cactus.

What are cacti leaves called?

cacti dont have leaves Cacti have spines.

Why do Cacti have many roots?

Because they are plants, the roots are used the same way in cacti as in every plant, to take in water for the plant to use.

Do some desert cacti have beautiful flowers?

Yes: Prickly Pears, Barrel cacti, Saguaro cacti, Aztekium cacti, and Echinopsis cacti a.k.a the hedgehog cactus