What are the stages of the project planning process?

I'm assuming that you are not inquiring as to the stages of business planning, which can be found elsewhere on WikiAnswers under Business Plans FAQs. This is a tough question to answer, however, because the process you use really depends on the specific type of project you are about to undertake and if there have already been certain guidelines established for you. Regardless, the "planning cycle" brings together all of the stages of project planning into a coherent, unified process. Here are the stages in this cycle:

  • Analyze Your Opportunities
  • Define Your Aim
  • Explore Your Options and Generate Various Ways for Achieving Your Aim
  • Select the Best Option
  • Make a Detailed Plan
  • Evaluate the Plan and Its Potential Impact
  • Implement the Best Plan
  • Close the Project
  • Explore the Lessons You Learned

If you are asking about unified process

It has 4 main phases


(Usually done in one iteration)

Develop an approximate vision of the system

Make business case

Define scope

Produce rough estimates for cost and schedule


(This usually has several iterations)

Refine vision

Identify and describe all requirements

Finalize Scope

Design and implement core architecture

Resolve high risk

Produce realistic estimation for cost and schedule


(This usually has several iterations)

Implement all low risk remaining items

Get set for deployment

Fine tuning of system.


(Usually done in one iteration)

Complete beta test

Completing the help and user preference functions