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It's the "50 States and Capitals Song" by Tim Pacific.

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What are all the states names that start with A and their capitals?

Montgomery, Alabama Juneau, Alaska Phoenix, Arizona Little Rock, Arkansas

What is the distance from Phoenix Arizona to Montgomery Alabama?

It is 1,716.07 miles according to MapQuest.

How far is it from Montgomery Alabama to Phoenix Arizona?

It is 1716.07 miles according to MapQuest.

What is the comparison of Springfield to Illinois as what is to Arizona?

Springfield is to Illinois as Phoenix is to Arizona. Springfield and Phoenix are the state capitals of their respective states.

What capitals end with the letter X?

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona

What are all the states and their capitals in the US that starts with the letters i and a?

US states that begin with A:Alabama, MontgomeryAlaska, JuneauArizona, PhoenixArkansas, Little RockUS states that begin with I:Idaho, BoiseIllinois, SpringfieldIndiana, IndianapolisIowa, Des Moines

What are the prior capitals of Arizona?

As Arizona Territory it had its Capital first at Fort Whipple then at Prescott, Tuscon and finally in Phoenix. As a State the Capital has always been in Phoenix.

What are the three biggest state capitals?

The three largest state capitals by population are:Phoenix, Arizona (1,470,000)Austin, Texas (821,000)Columbus, Ohio (800,000)The three largest state capitals by area are:Juneau, Alaska (7,000 km2)Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (1,600 km2)Phoenix, Arizona (1,300 km2)

How far is it from Birmingham Alabama to Phoenix Arizona?

It is 1,705.53 miles according to MapQuest.

What are Texas New Mexico Arizona and California's capitals?

Texas--Austin New Mexico--Santa Fe Arizona--Phoenix California--Sacremento

What were the previous capitals of Arizona?

Fort Whipple, Prescott, Tucson and back to Prescott and finally to Phoenix in 1899.

How far is it from mobile Alabama to Arizona?

You didn't give me a city in Arizona, so I will use Phoenix. To get from Mobile, Alabama to Phoenix, Arizona, it would take 23 hours and 57 minutes to get there. The distance you would need to travel would be 1,646.12 miles.I hope I could help!!!

What state capitals start with the letter p?

• Phoenix, Arizona • Pierre, South Dakota • Providence, Rhode Island

What are the capitals of Arizona New Mexico Colorado Utah?

Arizona Phoenix, New Mexico Santa Fe, Colorado Denver, and Utah Salt Lake City

What were the past capitals of Arizona?

The Territory of Arizona existed from February 24, 1863 until February 14, 1912. The Territory capitals were Fort Whipple (1863-1864), Prescott (1864-1867), Tucson (1867-1877), Prescott (1877-1889), and Phoenix (1889-1912). Phoenix became the capital of the State of Arizona on February 14, 1912, the same day that Arizona became a state.

What are the capitals of the southern states?

Well, there's Austin, Texas Phoenix, Arizona Santa Fe, New Mexico Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Those were the the southwest capitals. The southeast are Baton Rouge, Louisiana Little Rock, Arkansas Jackson, Mississippi Atlanta, Georgia Montgomery, Alabama Tallahassee, Florida Nashville, Tennessee Columbia, South Carolina Raleigh, North Carolina Frankfort, Kentucky Richmond, Virginia Charleston, West Virginia

What state capitals are home to Major League Baseball teams?

There are 3. Denver, Colorado Atlanta, Georgia Phoenix, Arizona

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