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Q: What are the statistics on animal testing for cosmetics?
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What animal testing is most common for?

its most common for cosmetics. :)

When did animal testing for cosmetics start?

Around the 1930's.

Which cosmetics company was the first to end animal testing on its products?

Avon was.

What percent of animal testing is due to cosmetics?

i think its 94% but im unsure

Is animal testing still used to test cosmetics?

Animal testing, however cruel it may be to the animals, is still used to test cosmetics. However, in some areas it has been banned. In the United States and Japan it is still frequently used, but in the European Union the testing of cosmetics on animals has been banned.

Where in the world does animal testing take place?

Animal testing takes place all over the world in many countries although many have bans on testing for cosmetics

What are cosmetics made from?

A lot of brands have switched to non-animal alternatives. Usually organic and all-natural brand cosmetics don't have any animal products in them, nor do they do animal testing.

How many animals die yearly because of cosmetic animal testing?

About 14 million animals die yearly due to animal testing for cosmetics.

Are there animals used for making or testing cosmetics?

Yes, many animal byproducts are used within cosmetics and animals are routinely tested upon - even if a company claims not to support animal testing, they may use research based on animal testing by other companies or be owned by a parent company who use animal testing. Proctor & Gamble are the worst for this, they not only use animal testing but have supported grossly unethical animal testing and outright torment animals - aka Huntington Life Sciences.

The Reasons FOR Animal Testing?

ANIMAL TESTING NOT ALLOWED!!!!! Firstly, animal tests is a selfish thing to do. Secondly, scientists can make new ways to test cosmetics that doesn't involve animals.

What is anita roddick famous for?

She discovered a way to make cosmetics without the use of animal testing and she founded a fairtrade cosmetics store The Body Shop

What are some random statistics on animal testing?

the cat pees on the dog daaa

How are animals used for cosmetics?

Animal testing, to see if it causes any reactions or other ill effects.

Do they test natural cosmetics on animals?

They may. It depends on the manufacturer. They will say on the bottle if they don't do animal testing.

When was cosmetic animal testing made illgal in Canada?

I am afraid that animal cosmetic testing isn't banned in Canada yet. They are allowed to use animals in medical testing and cosmetic testing, under strict laws that the cosmetics are under a certain policy.

Is animal testing illegal in Canada?

In Canada, The current law is that your not allowed to test cosmetics on animals, BUT medicine is allowed!

What is anmal testing?

Animal testing is were the FDA and other companies test cosmetics and medicines on animals to test their effectivness and to see if they cause any illness or poisoning.

Has animal testing made an impact on the selling of cosmetics?

Yes, people don't tend to buy cosmetics tested on animals as it is against the law and is cruel to animals. Also companies don't say they use animal testing but if they still do they can get heavy fines or be in big trouble for false advertisement and animal cruelty. Hope this helps.

Why testing cosmetics on animals should be carried out?

Testing of cosmetics should not be carried out on animals. This is a violation of the rights of the animals as they may not react well to the chemical components in the cosmetics.

Why do they have animal make-up testing?

Cosmetics companies feel that animals are not equal to us and that it is the most cost effective method. That is not true. There are more humane methods to test cosmetics and medicine.

Is there another way of testing cosmetics?


Why do you use animal testing?

Animal testing helps to cure diseases and to discover new cures and vaccines for both, animals AND humans. It is totally normal that humans use animals to test on because we use nature for our own health. However, animal testing used for cosmetics is completely cruel and unnecessary.

Is whale blubber necessary in cosmetics?

Using animal byproducts are never necessary in cosmetics. Whale oil from the fat is used to give you that long lasting shine. There are many organic cosmetics companies that do this naturally without using animals or testing on animals.

What is animal testing used for?

Animals are used for pure research such as genetics, developmental biology, behavioral studies, as well as applied research such as biomedical research, xenotransplantation, drug testing and toxicology tests, including cosmetics testing.

What Types of testing done on animals?

Lots of types. Including, shampoo,cosmetics,medicene and many more. Almost if not anything is tested on an animal.