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What are the statutes of limitations in NY?

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2011-08-17 02:35:46

The statute of limitations in New York state is three years with

the discovery rule for exposure to harmful substances.

Another View: The SOL's for CRIMINAL violations are as


Felonies - Murder, Class A felony: none; others: 5 yrs.;

violation of collection, treatment, disposal of refuse and solid

waste: 4 yrs.; breach of fiduciary duty: within 1 yr. of discovery

of offense; official misconduct: 5 yrs. of offense

Misdemeanors - 2 yrs.; petty offenses: 1 yr.; tax law

misdemeanor: 3 yrs. (NY City adm. code)

Acts During Which Statute Does Not Run - Absent the state

for more than 5 years.

There is a different set of SOL's for violations of civil


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